The dimensions of an one car and a two car garage


Garages are generally used to store in one, two or even three cars and as storage spaces for tools, bicycles, woods, etc. When it comes to the issue of best garage size or standard measurements the opinions differ. In fact, the ideal garage size depends on three major factors: Car size, storage needs, working in the garage.

Car dimensions:

The dimensions of a car, especially, the car length vary significantly between several models. However, the width is more standard, since all vehicles have to drive in the same lanes. According to the book "Architect's data" by Ernst & Peter Neufert (p. 437) the standard car size is, length=4.50m X width=1.80m. In practice, most cars are longer and wider than these measurements so, in the following examples we have considered an average car size of 4,70m to 1,90m. 

To find the best garage for your car, add to the width of the car a clearance of 2’-6’’ to 2’-7’’ (76cm to 80cm). This clearance is necessary for circulation between vehicles, and between vehicles and other obstacles. 

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Minimum garage size for one car (car dimensions 1,90x4,70m)


Wabi Sabi: From poetry to interior design


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Wabi-Sabi is not a decorating "style" and it is not a set of rules about arranging furniture in our homes. We can’t just hang crystals, or place mirrors or rearrange our bed and expect to change our lifes. Wabi-Sabi, unlike Feng Shui is not a set of rules, but it is rather a mind-set, a way of living modestly with a deep and true appreciation of daily life.


Double bed position in the bedroom


The double bed is placed against the center of the wall rather than the corner of the room, so as the long sides of the bed remain free. Otherwise, it is difficult for the sleepers to use the bed, lie or get out off it, while it is almost impossible to make the bed and clean the floor below.

The double, queen-sized or king-sized bed can be placed: 

  • Against the center of the wall with the headboard opposite the main door. With this placement the headboard becomes the center of attention as someone enters the room.

double bed placement, double bed posistion, double bed layout,  Optimum double bed position. The headboard becomes the center of attention as somebody enters the room. Moreover, the sleepers feel more safe facing immediately the door without the need to reposition their body.  


Different types of color schemes for interior designers


Several times you hear or you read articles about color schemes and their use in interior design. But before you start searching for the ideal color scheme for your space, you first need to decide the color scheme type. 

Let's take the example of an open plan space and lets suppose that we want to select wall paintings. What color scheme type would you select?

Photorealistic room, living room rendering, empty room rendering


Kid's bedroom layouts with one bed


Designing a child's bedroom can be a difficult task to do. Usually, a child needs a lot of storage space to put up toys, books, school equipment and clothes. Another issue is that the kid's room should be multi-functional. Apart from sleeping, kids do craft activities, their playing and studying in their bedroom. Below, some typical bedroom layouts with their measurements are presented. Most of them combine practicality and proper use of space. 

Clearances in a kid's bedroom: The bedroom layout should give at least 66cm (26''), preferably 76cm (30''), around the bed. Clearance allows making the bed easy and moving around it comfortably. If a wardrobe stands parallel to the bed against an opposite wall, you should allow a clearance of 91,5 cm (36'') between the side of the bed and the wardrobe. If there is a dresser parallel to the bed, you should leave enough free space in front of the dresser, approximately 48-58'' (120-148cm).  



Small size bedrooms

kids bedroom layout, kids bedroom dimensions, kids room measurerements Small size kid's bedroom with the most necessary pieces of furniture. The advantage of this layout is the large storage space offered by the 3 door wardrobe.  

 Kids bedroom layout, kids room floor plan, children's bedroom, kid's bedroomSmall size kid's bedroom with the most necessary pieces of furniture. The wardrobe is placed in a wall alcove.   


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