Double bed position in the bedroom


The double bed is placed against the center of the wall rather than the corner of the room, so as the long sides of the bed remain free. Otherwise, it is difficult for the sleepers to use the bed, lie or get out off it, while it is almost impossible to make the bed and clean the floor below.

The double, queen-sized or king-sized bed can be placed: 

  • Against the center of the wall with the headboard opposite the main door. With this placement the headboard becomes the center of attention as someone enters the room.

double bed placement, double bed posistion, double bed layout,  Optimum double bed position. The headboard becomes the center of attention as somebody enters the room. Moreover, the sleepers feel more safe facing immediately the door without the need to reposition their body.  

double bed placement, double bed posistion, double bed layout,  Second best choice for the double bed. Because of the window on the wall opposite the door, the bed is not placed on that wall. Generally, it is not reccomended to place the bed under a window, especially if the window opens frequently. 

  • Against the center of a wall with the long side of the bed opposite the door. Usually, this arrangement is selected only when the dimensions of the room do not allow the first two options. 

double bed position 04 Due to the dimensions of the room and the position of the window, the bed was placed with the long side opposite the door. This arrangement seems imbalanced and might create a sense of uncertainty to the sleepers because the particular position does not provide a wide scope of the room. Generally, the larger the space in front of the bed the better the feeling while sleeping. 

    • On a diagonal, in a corner of the room. This is an inventive solution that unfortunatelly requires a lot of space. The bed is placed with the headboard against a corner of the room. In the empty corner behind the bed you can install a triangular built-in furniture, or you can place a plant or a floor lamp. 

bedroom layouts, double bedroom layoutsThe bed is placed diagonally across the doorway. This placement provides the widest possible scope of the room while sleeping



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