Kid's bedroom layouts with one bed


Designing a child's bedroom can be a difficult task to do. Usually, a child needs a lot of storage space to put up toys, books, school equipment and clothes. Another issue is that the kid's room should be multi-functional. Apart from sleeping, kids do craft activities, their playing and studying in their bedroom. Below, some typical bedroom layouts with their measurements are presented. Most of them combine practicality and proper use of space. 

Clearances in a kid's bedroom: The bedroom layout should give at least 66cm (26''), preferably 76cm (30''), around the bed. Clearance allows making the bed easy and moving around it comfortably. If a wardrobe stands parallel to the bed against an opposite wall, you should allow a clearance of 91,5 cm (36'') between the side of the bed and the wardrobe. If there is a dresser parallel to the bed, you should leave enough free space in front of the dresser, approximately 48-58'' (120-148cm).  



Small size bedrooms

kids bedroom layout, kids bedroom dimensions, kids room measurerements Small size kid's bedroom with the most necessary pieces of furniture. The advantage of this layout is the large storage space offered by the 3 door wardrobe.  

 Kids bedroom layout, kids room floor plan, children's bedroom, kid's bedroomSmall size kid's bedroom with the most necessary pieces of furniture. The wardrobe is placed in a wall alcove.   

child's bedroom, child's bedroomm layoutSmall size bedroom. Next to the bed a nightstand can be placed. 



Long and narrow Kid's bedrooms

Usually, long and narrow rooms are difficult to arrange and furnish. However, the arrangement of a kid's bedroom with one bed is easy by positioning the bed with its long side against the wall. 

kids bedroom design, kids bedroom planning, kids room planning, kids room layout Small size bedroom. The benefit of this arrangement is the placement of the desk under the window and the additional placement of a bookcade

kids bedroom planning,m kids bedroom layout, kids room measurements, kids room dimensionsA long bedroom. The bed is placed in the middle of the long wall leaving at the end of the room, enough space for a desk and a wardrobe. 

long bedroom, narrow bedroom, children bedroom, kids bedroom free layouts, bedroom free layoutsThe bed is placed at the end of the room with a nightstand beside the bed. On the empty wall you can place a bookcase or apply wallpaper. 


Medium size Kid's bedrooms 

In medium size bedrooms you can position the single bed with the headboard against the wall and a bedside table next to it. Moreover, you can create diferent functional zones, such as a play zone or a seating area, arranging relevevant pieces of furniture like armchairs, loveseats, dressers, small tables, etc. 

children bedroom layout, children bedroom floor planMedium size bedroom. By adding a loveaseat or a sofa bed you can create a seating area. 

kids bedroom design, children bedroom design, kids room design, children room design Medium size bedroom with a comfortable study area and the desk facing the entry door. 

kids room, kid's room, bedroom layoutA medium size bedroom with a play zone. A small table and four chairs organize the play zone. 

kid's bedroom, children's bedroom, child bedroom design, kids room designA medium size bedroom with a play zone, a three door wardrobe and a comfortable study area. 

Kids bedroom layout measurements, bedroom dimensions, bedroom measurements A medium size bedroom. 


 kids bedroom measurements, children room dimensions,  A medium size bedroom with a large, four door wardrobe. 


Large size Kid's bedrooms

In large size bedrooms with one bed the available space is more than enough to fit everything you imagine, such as a large storage wardrobe, a dresser, a desk, etc. Moreover, you can create distinct study area, play zone or even a conversation area. 

large bedroom kids, bedroom measurements, bedroom dimensionsA large size bedroom with a five door wardrobe, play zone and plenty of free space.

kids bedroom dimensions, child's room measurements, A large size bedroom with a five door wardrobe and a comfortable study area.

 kids bedroom dimensions, kids room dimensions, The bed is placed with the headborad in one corner of the room. Inevitably, enough free space is left for placing a large wardrobe and a sofa.

Draw bedroom floor plans easily using a graph papers at scale 1:50. Graph papers are suitable for interior design students, architects, diy home decorators etc.

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