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Feng Shui is a practical and theoretical system alleging the inevitable influence of space over human lives. Certain choices in relation to architecture and interior design can promote healthy living, good mood and luck or completely opposite. As for the bedroom, the important thing is to create a relaxing and calming space than will help you and your mate sleep easily and deeply. It is also important the overall atmosphere of the bedroom to favor couple’s sexual life.

Which colors are considered suitable for the bedroom according to Feng Shui.

Skin colors: In general, natural and earth colors are considered by feng shui positive and favorable. Light, skin colors, such as white, beige and light brown are ideal for bedroom decoration where a relaxing atmosphere with little or no disturbance is the main concern. On the other hand, darker tones such as chocolate and brown are related to earth and soil and so they symbolize safety and stability. So if you have problems of self esteem of other fears try to use earth tones in large surfaces such as walls and flooring. These tones can make a room look like a safe refuge. Dark earth tones can also be used to accent some details. For example you can create a neutral beige background and opt for dark brown curtains of for a chocolate bed cover or for a dark brown carpet. Remember also that dark curtains offer extra sun protection which is important if you are a rather late waker.


Marble flooring


Marble is a natural material, a rock with crystalline or granular texture. Some marbles have strong veins of different colors and shapes spreading around the surface in a rather random way. The marble flooring is usually polished and this particular treatment makes the materials more luxurious, suitable for expensive and refine tastes. Marble is popular not only for indoor and outdoor floors but also for covering vertical surfaces, for making durable outdoor furniture and mane architecture elements. Generally, marble is considered an elegant and classic material, matching with many decorative styles. 

marble flooring

Floor design and planning basics


By the term flooring, we usually mean the final layer above the slab. Common flooring materials are tiles, wood, laminate, marble and carpet. Before the selection of the “ideal” material, the owner should first consider carefully its needs and the needs of its family. Besides floor installation is one of the most hard-to-accomplish and time-consuming parts of a renovation project because it requires the removal of furniture and appliances. Moreover, flooring installation requires dismantling, skilled technicians, material supply and a long period before the floor is given back to use and circulation. Before, opting for the flooring materials consider the following issues:


The valued Carrara marble in interior design


Carrara marble was the favorite marble of the famous Renaissance sculptor and painter Michelangelo. Even, the well-known statue of David was sculpted in this type of marble.  

Carrara marble is quarried at the city of Carrara in the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana, in Tuscany, Italy. The background hues of the marble are white to grey. Though, the most impressive feature is the dark grey or blue-grey swirls and veins that run randomly along the surface of the material. Every piece of carrara marble is unique and you can never find two identical pieces.  

carrara marble, marble

Selecting floral curtains for home decor


Country-floral-curtains-with-feature-of-insulated-are-useful-to-you, country style floral curtains

Curtains are a strong and necessary décor element as they add elegance and enormous personality to a space.


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