Use wall paint to create balanced interior spaces and to compensate for deficiencies. 


"Color" has long been regarded as one of the most potent tools in the art of interior design and house decoration, capable of transforming a room into an immersive environment. Color is one of the most effective methods to improve a space that has many flaws. Here are some typical problems that you can solve by using color creatively on both the walls and the ceiling.

Problem 1: the ceiling is too low.
Solution: Low ceilings can make a place feel claustrophobic. To assist with this issue, paint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls. This will almost definitely give the impression of height. Another excellent trick is to paint vertical stripes on the wall or to use striped wallpaper.

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Cure space deficiencies with color


Color is one of the most powerful tools in interior design and home decoration. A space on the other hand, may have several deficiencies that you can work out by using color in a clever way. See some common space issues and how they can be cured with color. 

Issue: Low ceiling space

Solution: Low ceiling spaces often create a feeling of narrowness. To solve the problem paint the ceiling with a lighter tone than the tone of the walls. By this the ceiling will appear lighter and as if it extends upwards. Another trick is to create vertical strips.

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Match a vintage ceiling light with country style


Country style is not a one answer question, since it accepts several interpretations and approaches. Typically, the style is associated with rustic, slightly cluttered, warm and comfort spaces, full of natural surfaces and vintage textiles and accessories.

Furnishing is typically rustic. This means that any antique piece you inherited from your grandparents can fit perfectly to the overall scheme. Preferable materials for furniture is wood, such as pine, maple, teak and oak. Wood surfaces can be painted or simple varnished to allow the grain to remain visible. Apart from wood, country style fits perfectly with wrought iron. If metal is used, it is better to have a rustic, matte finish.

Country style is mostly inspired by traditional and vintage styles. However, with time, the style is becoming more encompassing. So today, you may feel free to blend country style, with several romantic, ethnic or even contemporary elements.

  • Blend country style furniture with this multi-lamp vintage ceiling light. Due to the proportions and the design of the light fixture, the piece will work as the main focal point of the space. Brand: SaveLights.

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When a room seems boring, it is often the light that is to blame....


If you want to give a brand new look to your space, and make it look larger, brighter and fresher, without spending a fortune then you should start thinking about making some changes to your lighting scheme. Although, it is best to design a lighting scheme at the earliest stages, however changes and improvements can be made whenever is needed. After all, is quite hard to know from the beginning how a room will be used and where furniture will be placed.

For professional interior designers, lighting is one of the most powerful tools. Interior designers, home stagers, architects and decorators, they all use light to highlight specific areas, to accentuate artwork, to make color look more vivid, to give emphasis to textures and shapes and to set the overall mood. Light, can be even manipulated to disguise problematic areas, to make spaces look warm or cold, intimate of formal and much more. It is true, that when a room seems boring, bland and lifeless, it is either the color scheme or the lighting scheme that is to blame.

Pendant lights are an excellent choice for the living room and dining room. Iron pendant lights are durable and suitable for many decorating styles, such as industrial, cottage, modern, minimal style, etc. Choose and hung a remarkable industrial pendant light over the dining table to create a dramatic atmosphere and a stunning focal point. Make sure it is hung above eye level.

  • Industrial cage light fixture. The light has three light sources and a glass shade to protect the bulbs. Both the fixture and the fixture base are made of wrought iron, with sufficient resistance to rust and high pressure. Brand: SaveLights

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Frameless Mirrors: Do or don't?


There are different kinds of mirrors used in decorating modern bathrooms. One of them is the frameless mirror offering a sleek, modern look. It is a popular choice especially for modern designs since it gives that contemporary and elegant look, not to mention the illusion of more space.

Popular in high design, especially in larger bathroom, frameless mirrors take up all the space on the wall above your vanity, from the top of the backslash all or nearly all the way up to the ceiling, and often all the way across the wall horizontally. Since they are made of a single large piece of glass, they can be quite costly, but they offer the fullest reflection of any type of bathroom mirror.

What are the characteristics of a flameless mirror? Should you pick a flameless design instead of a framed alternative?

To begin with, quality frameless mirrors designed for bathrooms mirrors are specially sealed on backing and edges in order to stand up to the heat and humidity that comes from your shower. This is done to keep steam and moisture from penetrating the mirror. Expect to pay more for properly sealed and quality mirrors since when it comes to quality, you get what you pay for so you have to make sure your newly bought bathroom mirror has the above feature to avoid watching your mirror fog and degrade within a short time, despite your investment in them. Make sure you express that your mirrors will be exposed to moisture and humidity and that they should be sealed.

Secondly, frameless mirrors are much easier to clean than framed alternatives since there are no edges and dust cannot be accumulated within them. However, the edges are much sharper so be extra careful about using frameless designs if you have small children around.

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