Single bed position


The position of the bed in a room has a major impact on its functionality and decoration. Generally, when arranging bedroom furniture, the largest piece is arranged first and the additional pieces are placed around it.

A single bed can be placed

  • With its side against the wall. The drawback of this placement is that you cannot place a bedside table next to the side of the bed. However, you can place a large piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe/desk behind the headboard.

bed position


  • In a corner. It is the most advantageous placement for small bedrooms where the available space is limited. 

bed placement

  • With its head to the wall. A basic option, where the bed is perpendicular to the longest wall and the headboard faces the room. The advantage is that you get three free sides of the bed. 

bed position 02

  • In a an alcove

bed position 04

Moreover, the bed can be placed away from the walls or in the centre of the room. However, these options are not common, since such placements make the user feel vulnerable or exposed. 

The orientation of the bed. There are several beliefs, but most of them seem to agree that the bed should be placed on the north-south axis. According to the Japanese tradition a double bed is placed with its headboard towards north. Dogon people in Mali, Africa place their beds always on the north-south axis. The man sleeps on the right side facing west while the woman sleeps on the left side facing east. According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, the headboard should be facing west. The reason behind this, is that in Greek Orthodox cemeteries the dead are buried facing east.


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