Marble flooring


Marble is a natural material, a rock with crystalline or granular texture. Some marbles have strong veins of different colors and shapes spreading around the surface in a rather random way. The marble flooring is usually polished and this particular treatment makes the materials more luxurious, suitable for expensive and refine tastes. Marble is popular not only for indoor and outdoor floors but also for covering vertical surfaces, for making durable outdoor furniture and mane architecture elements. Generally, marble is considered an elegant and classic material, matching with many decorative styles. 

marble flooring

Advantages: In the market today there is a huge variety of flooring materials, either natural or artificial. However, marble is still regarded as one of the most advantageous materials. The durability and strength is certainly a crucial characteristic.  If you opt for marble, the floor will last for many years with little maintenance. Just think of all those historic monuments made of marble that have withstood successfully the test of time. 

The marble has natural antibacterial properties. It is very easy to vacuum clean and remove dust, so it is suitable for allergic people. The cost of the marble depends on its appearance (color and veins), its durability and especially on the degree the surface can be treated (cut and polish). 

Selection criteria: The suitability of marble as flooring materials depends on its density and porosity. Other selection criteria are water permeability and resistance to frost and fire. In relations to hardness, marbles are usually categorized into three categories: soft, hard and very hard marbles. 

Disadvantages are relatively few but they cannot be ignored. First and foremost, marble is a hard natural rock that can break and crack, and in that case it cannot be repaired. Furthermore, the surface is sensitive to acid liquids, so in case such liquid drops on marble, the floor must be cleaned as soon as possible. Marble is considered a “cool” material, which makes marble a perfect choice for hot climates. However, during winter the use or rugs and carpets is more that necessary. Another, drawback of the materials is that the surface is slippery especially if it is highly polished. 

Marble tile measurements: The maximum size of a marble tile depends on the type of marble. The thickness of the flooring tile is 2cm. However, in cases where the traffic is extremely high, tiles can be 3cm thick. Of course the cost is considerably higher.

Typical tile dimensions for domestic use:

  • Width: 30-50 cm.
  • Length: 30-50 cm.
  • Thickness: 2 cm.

For covering stair, it is recommended to use a single marble piece for each step. 

Polishing follows grouting and it is necessary for making surface resistant and glossy.  Polishing is done about 10 days after installment. To polish the surface you should first clean it meticulously to avoid stains become permanent. Avoid dry polishing because to avoid high temperatures that can destroy the natural crystals of the rock. Also avoid oxalic acid because it also damages the marble. 

Cleaning and Maintenance: To clean the surface use hot water and alcohol. Strong detergents and hard brushes are not recommended. Avoid sharp object which might damage the surface. 


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