Astonishing ideas for kids curtains


Kids-Little-Poney-Cotton-Blackout-Curtains-in-Pink-Two-Panels-C0803, pink panels, kids' panels

When designing the kid’s bedroom one of the accessories that should be taken into consideration is the right curtains by


What color coffee table and TV stand to match with dark gray couch


core-ii-john-lee-coffee table, modern coffee table, minimal coffee table

Reader’s question
"I am thinking of purchasing a dark gray couch in my living room and I would like you to suggest me what color coffee table and TV stand to choose. Generally I am not super fond of any shades of brown. Moreover I would like that fingerprints and dust do not show up on the furniture."


Instant makeover with throw pillows


Is there any way to easily change the atmosphere of your living room without spending much money? The answer is yes. For an instant makeover try to add some throw pillows by

  • A unique decorative pillow, like these hippie patterned pillow illustrating the moon over some colorful buildings can transform the entire room’s style and add character to any space.

pillow, moon, building, decorative pillow, graphic pillow


The new architecture school in Strasbourg


The new Strasbourg's school of architecture is called Le fabrique, since it was built in a former industrial area in the east side of the city center. Until the construction of the new building the school was accommodated in an old building of 1950, known as Le garage. The architect and engineer of the project is Marc Mimram, known for the design and construction of several bridges.

metal building, steel building, metal glass building, transparent building, glass architecture, trasnparent architecture © Julien Lanoo


Dustpan Wall Clock


The idea for this DIY project, came from the art monevement of "objet trouve" or "ready made", where common objects of daily use (and definitely with non-art function) can be converted into art objects... or into unique design objects. Marcel Duchamp was the originator of this term, in the early 20th century. His bottle Rack is a bottle drying rack signed by Duchamp, and is considered to be the first "pure" readymade. 

So, could you also consider the following object a subversive object of contemporary design? 

wall clock diy, wall clock, strange wall clocks, blue wall clock, diy clock, wall clock project, wall clock ideas


Selecting floral curtains for home decor


Country-floral-curtains-with-feature-of-insulated-are-useful-to-you, country style floral curtains

Curtains are a strong and necessary décor element as they add elegance and enormous personality to a space.


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