How to arrange furniture in our open plan living room/kitchen?



Milena living room02a, open plan living room/kitchen, brushed oak flooring, walnut dining table, wall mounted TV

Readers’ question

“My husband and I really need help with the open plan living room / kitchen area of the flat we just purchased. Please find attached the floor plan for information. However the actual photos of the space might be more helpful as for example the doors opening to the Juliette balcony are not right in the centre but more to the right. 

We would be very grateful if you could suggest some layouts that make the kitchen and living room feel as one -furniture, colour of wall etc as we are finding the space quite challenging. 


Wall full of memories


Typically, the interior walls of a house are decorated with painting, landscape photography, embroidery etc. However, a very personal choice is the arrangement of family photos, either old or recent, around the walls of the house. First you need to collect the material, searching for old photos of you family. You might even discover rare photos depicting a historic event, old buildings, folk costumes and other interesting documents. Apart from searching your own archive a good idea is to ask your relatives to search their own.

Family photos decoration, photo decoration, decorate with photos


Editor's picks: Bone China teapots


A tea set is a luxury set of dishes for use at afternoon tea or formal tea party. Tea sets are made of ceramic, stainless steel, porcelain and bone china. Royal Albert is one of the oldest companies that sell high quality bone china tableware. Bone china is a type of soft- paste porcelain that is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material and kaolin. Developed by English potter Josiah Spode, bone china is known for its high levels of whiteness and translucency, and very high mechanical, strength and chi resistance. From its initial development and up to the later part of the twentieth century, bone china was almost exclusively and English product. English bone china is still admired for its lightness, translucency and its soft subtle almost pearly white quality. Here is a selection of the most exuberant and beautiful tea sets. In the UK references to "china" or "porcelain" can refer to bone china.

  • Country Roses pink collection: The set includes a teapot, covered sugar bowl and creamer. The background color is a warm, vibrant pink, featuring roses and a lustrous gold rim. After all the rose is one of the most romantic motifs, representing the English grace, elegance and romance.

teapot set, tea set, bone china porcelain, pink tea pot, pink tea set, rose tea set, rose tea poticon


Should I keep original kitchen cabinets and countertop with marble sink from the 70’s or should I replace them with new ones when renovating my apartment?


kev-kitchen, retro kitchen, vintage kitchen cabinets, marble countertop, marble sink


Reader’s question

"I am renovating a 70’s apartment in Plaka district, Athens. I am thinking of unifying the kitchen with the living room. I am facing a dilemma; should I keep the original kitchen cabinets and countertop with marble sink or replace them with cheap and neutral new ones and blend them with a beloved vintage showcase to maintain the spirit?"


The valued Carrara marble in interior design


Carrara marble was the favorite marble of the famous Renaissance sculptor and painter Michelangelo. Even, the well-known statue of David was sculpted in this type of marble.  

Carrara marble is quarried at the city of Carrara in the province of Massa and Carrara in the Lunigiana, in Tuscany, Italy. The background hues of the marble are white to grey. Though, the most impressive feature is the dark grey or blue-grey swirls and veins that run randomly along the surface of the material. Every piece of carrara marble is unique and you can never find two identical pieces.  

carrara marble, marble

What curtains, living room set and coffee table to choose?


Reader’s question

"I am remodeling my open concept kitchen living room with ochre walls, white ceiling and white floor tiles. I keep my existing kitchen cabinets, the sideboard and the dining set which are in a sweet brown color. I am wondering what color to pick for the curtains, the living room set and the coffee table. Moreover I have two large paintings in bright colors on the walls. The house has nice high ceilings and I will need new light fixtures. I would like some chrome details in the space including curtain poles and borders on the sideboard. Thank you in advance."


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