Urban temperatures are rising. Green roofing systems could help mitigate this issue, providing a viable solution to the thermal challenges facing metropolitan areas.


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The urban temperature has been experiencing a significant upward trend, and projections indicate that this trajectory is likely to persist. This phenomenon poses a considerable challenge for numerous urban centres, particularly those already characterised by elevated temperatures. One potential mitigation strategy that has garnered attention is the implementation of "green roofs". This concept originated from the urban heat island theory, which postulates that residential structures with tar-coated roofs may experience temperature increases of up to 5°C or more during the summer months.

It is well-established that green roofs enhance the energy efficiency of contemporary buildings and contribute substantially to the reduction of urban temperatures. Indeed, roofs adorned with vegetation serve as an environmentally sound method of insulation, protection, and temperature regulation for occupants. Furthermore, green roofs, even those comprising small gardens atop buildings or terraces, can play a significant role in mitigating the urban heat island effect and enhancing the quality of life in metropolitan areas.

With regard to addressing elevated temperatures in urban environments and combating the urban heat island phenomenon, two widely acknowledged approaches have been identified. The first approach advocates for the integration of natural vegetation into the urban landscape, which has been demonstrated to significantly reduce ambient temperatures. The second approach proposes the utilisation of specialised materials that augment surface reflectivity, thereby facilitating a reduction in localised temperatures.

It has become increasingly challenging to locate substantial open areas suitable for the establishment of green gardens. A viable solution to this predicament would be the creation of compact green spaces on terraces. Such an approach would not only provide an environment for flora but would also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding vicinity. Naturally, this would necessitate the procurement of sizeable containers capable of accommodating soil and vegetation, as well as the implementation of an appropriate irrigation system.

Planted roofs represent an innovative solution that amalgamates natural vegetation with architectural ingenuity by utilising the hitherto unexploited upper surface of buildings. This approach, whilst requiring certain innovations and mitigation strategies to address challenges such as water runoff and energy efficiency, is demonstrating its efficacy in transforming these unused surfaces into functional spaces. The application of green roofs is feasible even in densely populated urban environments.

The cultivation of vegetation on rooftops constitutes a sustainable solution that serves to mitigate the urban heat island effect and contributes to the amelioration of climate change impacts. Furthermore, these elevated gardens provide habitats for wildlife and contribute to the improvement of air quality.


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