Architectural drawing/ Scale



Buildings and generally architectural projects, are too large to be drawn full size on a sheet of paper. So, everything must be drawn to scale, or in other words smaller than they are in reality. 

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What color to paint my open plan living and dining room?



Reader’s question

“My open concept living and dining room is 480 sq.ft. In front of the fireplace I have placed two white contemporary sofas and a large rectangular glass and walnut coffee table. A classic Nain rug in shades of blue and beige is laid under the coffee table. Against one side of one wall there is minimal style walnut cupboard furniture 3m long. At the other end a dining set with wenge minimal style beige chairs is placed. Under the dining table there is a thick contemporary carpet in shades of orange and yellow. Large paintings in bright yellow, red, and orange tones are hanging on the walls. Flimsy curtains in chocolate brown are hanging on silver rods. I would like to paint the walls because I feel that the space is a bit monotonous without any standing out element although all furniture of excellent quality is paired together. I need your help in adding some pops of accents to the space. Thanks in advance."


Architectural drawing/ Line weight & types




The practice of architecture drawing follows some standards and these standards are used for both manual and computer drafting. One of the most essential standards is the weight and type of lines or in other words the vocabulary of lines. 

OBJECT LINES:These lines are used to show the shape of an object or building. There are two types of object lines: 

A. Solid lines are used to show all the visible edges of an object. The weight or thickness of these lines is varied.

    • Heavy solid lines are used as cut/ profile lines.
    • Light solid lines as elevation lines. 

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What color should I paint my room?



Reader’s question

"I would like to paint my bedroom and I need your help. I am 23 years old and my bedroom has brown furniture. One wall has a large patio door while the closet is along the opposite one; consequently the painting surface is relatively small. The bed is against the third wall and the wall opposite the bed houses the desk. I would like a two-tone color scheme and I wondered if you could recommend some color combinations. Thank you in advance."


What color to choose for the interior doors to pair with hardwood floor?



Reader’s question 

"I have light hardwood floor and dark color furniture. My wardrobe is natural oak. I wondered if you could advise me to pick the right color for the interior doors."


Inserting colors in kids’ bedroom


Adults consider that the color selection for residential spaces requires a lot of thinking, as beyond their personal preferences they take into account various practical concerns, such as the cost and combinations with the other elements of the space. They also believe that wall-painting cannot be done often, so they try to pick paint colors for a long time. However, children have no concerns about the cost or the color combinations.

Kids bedroom selecting colors, wall stickers, stripes on the walls, colorful pendant light


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