Tin can decorated with pegs


Recycle tin cans by converting them into pencl holders.

peg crafts, pencil holder, diy, crafts, crafts with pegs


How to arrange furniture in the hallway and the living room?


residence floor plan, furniture arrangement

Reader’s question

Our friend from Greece asks: "I have attached the floor plan of my house showing the furniture placement I am planning. I would like your opinion if it is properly placed; otherwise could you suggest me a proper arrangement? I also need your help in arranging the entrance/office area. I have chosen to arrange the home office desk there because we are spending a lot of hours on the computer. In your opinion is this a good choice? Thank you in advance."


How to arrange furniture in my living room?


floor plan, long and narrow living room, furniture arrangement in a long living room, sectional in a lounge

Reader’s question

"I am in the process of purchasing furniture. The problem is that the open plan living dining room is long and narrow and I have difficulties in furniture placement. I have attached a plan of the space, I hope to be helpful! I would like your help in order to create a functional and stylish space. I am thinking of placing a three-seater sofa with two armchairs in front of the large window. In front of the fireplace I would like a sectional, opposite the TV, which will be placed next to the fireplace, and maybe an ottoman bench in front of the sofa. The dining area seems to be the easiest for placing furniture. Thanks and I am looking forward to your reply! "


Tapas Bar in Greece


“Tapas bar” was designed by Reizi Maria, an architect living and working in Greece. The available space was rather small, only 35m2. For this, it was decided to dismantle the loft, revealing two large glass windows that bring natural light into the space and increasing significantly the total height of the space to 5,50m. The concept of the design and decoration was based on Spanish culture, though the style should be industrial.  

tapas ber, ber design, restaurant design, spanish style, industrial style.


How to repaint a piece of furniture?


Reader’s question

"I have a white ash chest of drawers. How could I repaint it?”


What colors and theme to choose for boy and girl shared nursery?



shared bedroom closet, shared nursery wardrobe, colorful kid's closet


Reader’s question
“My girl/boy twins will share a nursery. I need your help with the nursery decor... what do you suggest? There is already some color in the curtains, sand and olive green. Thank you in advance.”


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