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Typically, the interior walls of a house are decorated with painting, landscape photography, embroidery etc. However, a very personal choice is the arrangement of family photos, either old or recent, around the walls of the house. First you need to collect the material, searching for old photos of you family. You might even discover rare photos depicting a historic event, old buildings, folk costumes and other interesting documents. Apart from searching your own archive a good idea is to ask your relatives to search their own.

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Little by little, you will create a small gallery in your home. You might find that in your basement or in storage boxes and photo albums, it was hidden for a long time a small treasure of memories and documents, such as portraits of a beloved and departed relative, images of vintage fashion and forgotten events related to childhood. It is possible, some of these photos to be damaged, torn and scratched.  In this case, visit a professional photographer and ask him to make copies and restore digitally these photos.

When the material is gathered, start thinking which photos and how you will exhibit them. There are several ideas. You can group photos by theme or period, for example you can exhibit photos documenting a particular decade or a special event of your life. You can also dedicate and entire wall surface to make an exhibition of family portraits, both old and new, something like a family tree.

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Photos can be arranged in horizontal of vertical lines. Old photos match both with antique and contemporary style. Of course, it might give you a strong motivation to start collecting antiques such as iron mirrors, ornate frames, silverware, porcelain, wall clocks and other collectible items.

Corridor walls look like those empty long gallery walls and are excellent for photo exhibition. However, most corridors do not have access to daylight and therefore you need to install light fixtures in the ceiling and/or on the walls.  

So, don’t waste time. Begin from your photo album, search you computer files, open storage boxes and ask relatives for old, family photos. You can’t imagine what treasure you might find.

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