Choosing and seasoning firewood


Wood burning is a low-cost way to keep our home warm. Many people choose wood as their main type of fuel. However we should choose the right type of wood for proper operation and output of the fireplace. Also we must ensure the proper firewood storage.

Wood burning is a "exothermic" reaction, in which the oxygen reacts with the wood components (carbon, hydrogen), the reaction will yield carbon dioxide and release heat.

Factors affecting combustion are the type of wood, wood density, texture and logs size. The moisture content of wood changes the heating value of the latter.

All species of wood are not suitable for combustion. Some wood types are suitable for firelighters (softwoods such as pine and spruce). Hardwoods such as oak, beech, olive tree are considered to be better for combustion. They have long burning duration because of their high density and they produce nice flame. Also yew, strawberry trees, and almond trees make good firewood.

The availability of different species of wood varies in different parts of the country.


The Fur Deco catalogue.


leather interior decoration,

The Fur Deco catalogue.An online catalogue, presenting interior decoration items of fur and leather, like fur cushions, blankets, throws, carpets, etc. 



Kitchen planning - The work triangle


kitchen layout

The kitchen is the hub of the home. In the kitchen, several activities take place, like unloading and storing food, dishwashing, cutting food, baking, grilling, dishing up food, table laying, eating, returning uneaten food to refrigerator, etc. However, in many cases the kitchen might become a place where other activities (apart from cooking and eating) will take place, like playing, discussing, doing homework, reading newspaper, etc. 

The main activities can be categorized into three main categories (storing, cleaning, cooking). Each category is related to one of the three main appliances.

  • the refrigerator,
  • the sink
  • the cooktop. 

Choose green Christmas ornaments



This Christmas we decorate with green proposals that they don’t have negative impact on the environment. The green ornaments are as elegant and glamorous as the conventional plastic ornaments and economically attractive. You can create your own ornaments guided by your inspiration and your imagination using natural or recycled materials. You can also recycle used items and turn them into beautiful Christmas ornaments. This is the best way to enjoy your contribution to environmental protection.

  • Natural materials: pine cones, twigs slices, dried plants, nuts, cinnamon sticks can be turned into amazing tree ornaments and home decors.
  • Recyclable materials and objects: pieces of cloth, paper, aluminum empty cans and packaging bottles can be turned into cute little angels, Santa Claus, Christmas Stars.
  • Used CD/DVD or circuit boards: their shiny metallic glint and your imagination will transform them into fabulous Christmas figures, snowmen, wreaths, angels etc.
  • Make your own Christmas stocking and table runners from pieces of old fabric scraps.
  • Food: gingerbread dough, pasta, candies can create funny edible decorations.
  • Old greeting cards, children's toys can be part of the holiday atmosphere of the house.
  • Christmas tree lights that have more brightness and they are more durable.



Choosing the right dining table


In the market there are plenty shapes and sizes of dining tables. In many cases, tables come with extra leaves for extending them. So, before choose the proper table make sure that will fit in your space and that it will give enough sitting for the number of diners you want to invite.
  • Rectangular dining tables are more suitable for large, narrow rooms and they are probably the most common choice. Usually they have 4 legs in the 4 corners of the table. Though some tables have different type of leg support. For example, some dining tables have two, wider legs at the two shorter sides of the furniture. A rectangular table is a good choise for seating more than four people. 

rectangular table

  • Square dining tables are a good solution when we have to seat up to four diners. The particular shape encourages dialog and familiarity between diners and creates a friendly and intimate atmosphere.It is an ideal shape for square and small rooms. For, seating more than 4 people you can use extension leaves. 
square table


  • Another option for small spaces are the round dining tables. The advantage is that every diner can see easily the rest of the group and no one feels isolated. Round tables are friendly, eye-catching and promote communication. Pedestal tables are a better choice, allowing more seating. The central leg takes the place of the peripheral legs that get in the way of a chair. Large round tables are not recommended since a big radius means thet the opposite diners seat far away from each other while it is difficult to reach the food. With extension leaves a round table is converted into an oval.
round table
  • Oval dining tables seem smaller than the rectangular tables due to their rounded corners. They also overcome the disadvantage of the rectangular shape to make some diners feel isolated, especially those that occupy the corners. An oval table requires the same area as a rectangular table, though it is easier to move around an oval table. 
Oval table 


Details you should know: 

  • Table to wall clearance:  Calculate a distance more than 70 cm (around 28'') between the table and the walls, to allow diners to sit, pull their chair and get up. 
  • Extension leaves: They should be included in the overall measurments of the table if you are planning to use them. 
  • Eating space: Each diner needs about 60 cm (2 feet) of eating space or a table area of 60X40 cm.



Dining table dimensions / measurements


table axonometric

Dining table measurements according to the number of diners.


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