An organic faucet by Zaha Hadid


modern faucets

Avilion Triflow Taps

Design: Zaha Hadid

Material: Chrome plated brass

Finish: chrome, mirror image finish


What shade ceramic tile wood look to select?


Reader’s question

“I am remodeling my country house and I would like your opinion on what color floor to install. I am thinking about putting down tile that looks like hardwood flooring but I can't decide whether to choose dark or light color. I like dark wenge color but I am afraid the room darkening. Should I go a light blonde floor? The window doors will be of grey/green aluminum."



Kitchen ergonomics - Dimensions on plan


Between parallel countertops allow a minimum of 1200mm. This is needed for two people to pass one another and for access when kneeling down to base cupboards. 

kitchen ergonomics, distance between counters

Minimun space between counters 


How to paint stripes on your walls


stripes on the wall

Stripes on the walls can add elegance and a kind of liveliness to the room, they can also change its visual proportions; horizontal stripes make the room look larger, vertical ones make the room look taller.


Kitchen appliances and furniture with measurements


By the term kitchen appliances we mean the cooker, the stove, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, etc. The most common kitchen furniture are the dining table, the dining chairs, the shelves, the cabinets, etc. 

Cooking Appliance (cooker)

cooking appliance dimensions measurments


Chairs: Both Classic & Confortable


  • Womb chair (1947-48)

designer: Eero Saarinen

production: Knoll International, USA

The womb chair, or No.70, first produced by Knoll in 1948. The form of the chair reveals Saarinen's pursuance of an organically inspired design in synthetic materials. The designer's concern was the human anatomy in relation to the furniture. This particular design illustrates the intentions of Saarinen to create a chair that will accomodate people according to the way they actually seat, not the way the ought to seat. The chair encourages sitter to curl up into a foetal position and it is considered by many to be one of the most confortable chairs ever made.

womb chair, eero saarinen
  • P40, 1954

designer: Osvaldo Borsani

production: Tecno, Italy

The chair has an articulated frame, which can be adjusted into 486 positions. The chair has been described as a"machine for sitting of the greatest sophistication" (see modern chairs, exhibition catalogue, ehitechapel Art Gallery, London, 1971, page 116).



  • 437 Easy armchairs, 1959

designer: Pierre Paulin

production: artifort, The Netherlands

The chair is available in a variety of coloured textiles.


Modern Chairs design by Other Metro Modernica

  • Karuselli chair, 1964-65

designer: Yrjö Kukkapuro

Production: Haimi Oy, Finland

The chair's mechanism allowed the sitter to alter position with a minimum of effort. The seat shell was contoured in such a way as to require only a thin layer of foam padding. The leather covered upholstery was atteched with press studs to facilitate easy removal.

Yrjö Kukkapuro, chair, design


  • Glass-reinforced polyester chair, 1989

designer: Mark Robson

Production: Fiell, UK

Moulded glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) with a cellulose finish.

The three-legged chair has a vigorous asymmetry and the shape is fluid and organic.

 Mark Robson, chair, glass fible, design, chairsImage source:




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