What color TV cabinet to choose?


Reader’s question 

"I would like your opinion about the color of the TV cabinet in my living room. I have gray couch and a glass dining table with black leather chairs. Could I pick a TV cabinet in high gloss white lacquer or you suggest a different color for the stand? Thank you very much for your time.

 Our recommendation
A white lacquer TV cabinet blends in seamlessly with the rest of the furniture in your living room, creating a sleek space.

Modern Living Room design by Orlando Architect Phil Kean Designs


What color to choose for my kitchen countertop?


G4220 1, quartz countertop, beige countertop

Reader’s question
"I would like your advice on this: my kitchen cabinets are off white and I like mocha colored tiles for the backsplash! What color can I choose for the countertop?”


Walls in different colors. What curtains to choose?


Reader’s question

“I’m having problems of selecting curtains for my living room which has 2 white walls and one blue and one pink wall. The windows are in the blue and one of the white walls. Please help me to choose the curtains for my living room. What color will be suitable?”

Our recommendation

Curtains and drapes are used to improve the look of the room and furthermore to provide privacy to the place.

There is a great range of curtains for your living room. You can select either curtains in an ivory base with floral prints in pink for all the windows to pair with the walls’ colors or striped curtains in a pink color scheme.

floral curtains


How to change the color of a chair?


Reader’s question

" I have an old wooden rocking chair dark brown and I would like to remodel it to have a modern look.
I would like to place it in the living room by the fireplace. The house has earth tone color scheme. What color matches best? How to paint over the existing varnish? Thank you in advance."

 Our recommendation
You can renew the rocking chair and make it look modern by painting a bright, warm color, in combination with the earthy color scheme of the room.
You can use either colored varnish or enamel paint.


red_rocking_chair, paint a rocking chair


How to decrease brightness of a basement room?


Reader’s question

"I've remodeled my basement and created a studio in which I work. I have set a lot of pl lights on the ceiling and painted the walls white. The space became so brightly lit that relaxation is impossible. I have tried to use objects of warm shades of brown in the place, but the situation has not improved enough. Can you suggest any other solution?"  


What color scheme to choose for my living room?


Reader’s question
I have an open concept living room and kitchen with light wood cabinets and some yellow ones. Do stainless steel appliances match the cabinets? I would like wenge furniture in the living room; does furniture match purple and gray colors? Could I choose striped wallpaper on one or more walls? Could you give me some decorating ideas for the chimney breast? Thank you."


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