Instant makeover with throw pillows


Is there any way to easily change the atmosphere of your living room without spending much money? The answer is yes. For an instant makeover try to add some throw pillows by

  • A unique decorative pillow, like these hippie patterned pillow illustrating the moon over some colorful buildings can transform the entire room’s style and add character to any space.

pillow, moon, building, decorative pillow, graphic pillow

  • Throw pillows not only serve as decorative accessories but can also correct the problem of a too deep or uncomfortable sofa. After all, a cute pillow, like this animal print with the striped background will make the sofa or the chairs feel more welcoming and attractive to the eye.

pillow, cat, strips, animal print

  • For a modern and fresh look, pick some rectangular pillows with bold colors and large geometric prints, like these polka dot pillow with contrasting colors. On the sofa, you can arrange an odd number of pillows, i.e. three or five ones achieving a more asymmetrical and casual arrangement. For example you can arrange two pillows at one corner and a third at the opposite one.

polka dot, pillow, decorative pillows


  • For a more traditional look throw two of four pillows on either side of a sofa. Luxurious and slick fabrics, like this eye-catching gold sequin pillow are suitable for a more classic setting. 

pillows, sequins, luxurius pillows, gold sequins


  • If you don’t want to go for a specific style then you can can mix-n'-match, layering different textures and colors. You can for example combine a floral pillow, like this embroidered classic-style pillow, with one or two simple monochromatic pillows.

pillow, floral, embroidered

  • If your background is neutral and bland you can always add a splash of color and contrast by selecting colorful pillows. For additional personality and romance, pick this fairy linen pillow. 

pillows, house, tree, kids pillow


Pillows can transform almost any space. As decorative accessories, pillows are probably the most chic and cost-effective investment. So don’t hesitate to experiment with patterns or colors. However, it is not necessary to over-accessorize especially if your sofa is shallow. On the other hand deep-set armchairs with soft pillows can become the focal point of the living room, offering comfortable seating and encouraging conversation and family time. 

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