Floor tile layouts


Whether you are choosing a fantastic ceramic tile or standing by classic marble for the flooring, the tile type will be only part of the overall effect. Tile arrangement also matters and believe it or not there are many ways to arrange tiles on the floor and create interesting layouts. Of course most installers suggest to their customers straight tile arrangement or diagonal. The first option is quicker and easier to install but rather ordinary. So if you like to think outside the box, then take a look at the following tile layout options.  

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Jaime Hayon interprets Afghan and Japanese Folklore in collaboration with Nodus


Japanese Folklore Hayon Nodus MG det 2

Japanese Folklore through the medium of tapestry

Jaime Hayon chose to collaborate with NODUS to develop a contemporary interpretation of the traditional folklore, creating unique, one-off wall-tapestries resulting from mixed weaving techniques.


How can I use light blue in girl's room?



Reader’s question

“I am thinking of painting the walls of my daughter’s bedroom light blue. Could you suggest me a color scheme based on a light blue tone for girl’s bedroom?”

Our advice

Light blue tone, is one of the most cheerful tones, suitable for youngsters and kids. Moreover, blue symbolizes sky, water and youth while it can create a stress-free and fresh atmosphere.

However, blue tones are associated with boy’s world. Little boys, right from infancy, learn that there is only one appropriate color for their sex. The blue seems to be for everything, for clothing, for home decoration, for crafts. In a similar way girls love to adore pink and to use it in almost every situation.

Thankfully today color choices based on sex are considered outdated and clichés. On the other hand there are plenty of times, that the kid will reproduces those stereotypes. Think for example to suggest pink color as a dominant color for a boy’s room. How do you think the boy would react? It is more than certain that he would reject immediately the option clamming that pink is for girls. However, kid’s behavior is not irrational at all. Their taste and ideas are socially constructed and influenced by television heroes, toys, fairy-tails and other stereotypes. 

But let’s deal with the particular question. If you have decided to use a light blue tone to paint the girl’s bedroom walls, what other colors you could use in order to match and enrich your choice? 

Before examining a few color schemes you have to understand what professional designers call dominant color, secondary color and details' color. Dominant color is applied to large surfaces like walls and ceilings. Secondary color is less prevailing than the dominant but it has a central role in the color scheme. For example, we can paint with the dominant color the three of the four walls and with the secondary the fourth wall. Or we can create strips using the dominant and secondary colors. Secondary color can also be used in curtains, rugs and linens. Detail's color usually adds a pinch of playfulness and intensity to the overal scheme. It is used to highlight architectural elements and several decorative details, such as linens, lighting fixtures, rug, frames, wall decoration etc.

See further ideas on Home and appartment renovation in Greece. 


Interesting color schemes based on light blue for girl's bedroom. 

  • Pick for the three of the four walls a light blue tone. For the last wall pick a soft sand tone. Moreover, you can create strips using these colors in one or two prominent walls. To make the scheme more vivid you need to add a third color that makes a strong statement. So, for the details pick a bold apricot's orange. 

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My living room walls are off-white and one of the walls is green. What kind of curtains should I choose?


Reader's question

"I'd love it if you could recommend what colours I should choose for the new curtains in my living room. The walls are all painted in an off-white colour except for one that is a light green. The couches are beige and the rest of the furniture is wenge. The curtain will be hung on the green wall where the window is.

I desperately need your help, cause I don't want the room to end up looking either too much or too blant and everyone I ask seems to have a completely different suggestion. (The general style of the house is modern in earth tones.)"


How to decorate my open plan living/dining room?


living area, open plan living room kitchen, living room layout

Reader's question 

"Hello, my name is Aris and I could use your help regarding my living room's decoration. My room is a joint living room/kitchen. I have attached a  draft plan I've made. There is no table in the kitchen yet, so I'd like a suggestion that will include one. Thank you in advance."


Can I build my kitchen countertop at 95cm?


concrete countertops










Reader's question 

"In a past article, you have mentioned that a kitchen countertop's typical height is at 90cm. However, I am quite tall for a woman (at 1.80m) so I suggested that my carpenter builds the countertop a bit higher (at 95cm). I am not quite sure about that decision and I would appreciate your input on the matter."

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