How can I use light blue in girl's room?



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“I am thinking of painting the walls of my daughter’s bedroom light blue. Could you suggest me a color scheme based on a light blue tone for girl’s bedroom?”

Our advice

Light blue tone, is one of the most cheerful tones, suitable for youngsters and kids. Moreover, blue symbolizes sky, water and youth while it can create a stress-free and fresh atmosphere.

However, blue tones are associated with boy’s world. Little boys, right from infancy, learn that there is only one appropriate color for their sex. The blue seems to be for everything, for clothing, for home decoration, for crafts. In a similar way girls love to adore pink and to use it in almost every situation.

Thankfully today color choices based on sex are considered outdated and clichés. On the other hand there are plenty of times, that the kid will reproduces those stereotypes. Think for example to suggest pink color as a dominant color for a boy’s room. How do you think the boy would react? It is more than certain that he would reject immediately the option clamming that pink is for girls. However, kid’s behavior is not irrational at all. Their taste and ideas are socially constructed and influenced by television heroes, toys, fairy-tails and other stereotypes. 

But let’s deal with the particular question. If you have decided to use a light blue tone to paint the girl’s bedroom walls, what other colors you could use in order to match and enrich your choice? 

Before examining a few color schemes you have to understand what professional designers call dominant color, secondary color and details' color. Dominant color is applied to large surfaces like walls and ceilings. Secondary color is less prevailing than the dominant but it has a central role in the color scheme. For example, we can paint with the dominant color the three of the four walls and with the secondary the fourth wall. Or we can create strips using the dominant and secondary colors. Secondary color can also be used in curtains, rugs and linens. Detail's color usually adds a pinch of playfulness and intensity to the overal scheme. It is used to highlight architectural elements and several decorative details, such as linens, lighting fixtures, rug, frames, wall decoration etc.

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Interesting color schemes based on light blue for girl's bedroom. 

  • Pick for the three of the four walls a light blue tone. For the last wall pick a soft sand tone. Moreover, you can create strips using these colors in one or two prominent walls. To make the scheme more vivid you need to add a third color that makes a strong statement. So, for the details pick a bold apricot's orange. 

color scheme, kids room, blue, sand, orange

  • In case your daughter insists in painting bedroom’s walls pink, claiming that blue is only for boys, then you have fair choice: Combine the two colors. Paint for example two walls light blue and two walls pink (pick a lilac tone). To make the overall effect more girlish add details in fuchsia. Note that blue/pink scheme is ideal for shared boys/girls bedrooms.

color scheme, kids, girls, bedroom, room

  • Most professional interior designers create colors schemes based on the knowledge learned in a college. Note. however, strict rules might create monotonous and pretty predictable results with no character. Lately, however, many designers start to feel more confident about their experience and are encouraged to create color schemes based mostly on their instinct and on what managers call tacit knowledge. For example, the combination of green and blue could create an interesting scheme for girl's bedroom if enriched with a super girlish color, such as fuchsia or purlple/lilac. Note, that green is a positive color, associated with nature and ideal for hyper-active kids. 

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  • Apart from pink, girls seem to love almost all cream tones. So, if your daughter insists for a more girlish room paint all the walls light blue and pick furniture, linen and draperies in sweet cream and sugar tones. 

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