What kind of curtains to choose for the patio doors in my kitchen?


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"Can you help me to choose curtains for the patio doors in my kitchen? Should I choose curtains or blinds?"

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The type of kitchen window treatment depends a great deal on the kind of patio door you have, i.e. if the door is double-leaf or single-leaf and also opening or sliding.
We need to know the space layout, i.e. if the kitchen is integrated with the living room or not. If it is an open plan space the curtains should be paired with the curtains in the living room.
Finally, the curtain choice depends on the decorating style of the room and the kitchen cabinets.
Curtains hanging from rods
It is a very practical and functional solution. It enables direct use of doors, because the panels can easily be moved to the side. You'll find lots of
styles and types of curtain rods and ways to sew curtains (pleats, eyelets etc.).
This solution is selected when curtain should cover the balcony door to avoid looking through or to prevent sun from entering directly into the room.


Parts of a hinged door/ door nomenclature


Most doors are hinged along one side to allow the door to pivot away from the dorway in one direction but not in the other. The axis of rotation is normally vertical, although in some cases may be horizontal.

Door terminilogy, door nomenclature, jamb, door jamb, Escutcheon Single-leaf door


Window basics: Types of exterior windows


A window is an opening in a wall or a roof that allows the passage of light, air and sound. Apart from the typical casement or sliding window in a wall, there also other types of windows. The most common are the following.

Clerestory: It is also called clearstorey or overstorey. By this term we might mean:

  • Any high windows above eye level
  • The portion of a wall above an adjacent roof level, and more particularly the window located in this part of a wall.

clerestory windows


What colors to choose for the living room to go with a grey sofa?


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"Can you help me, choose paint colors for my appartments? The sofa and the TV furniture are grey"

Appartment, photos pf appartments, appartment colors


How to decorate a drywall without nails or screws?


living room wall artwork, hanging artwork without drilling

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"The drywall behind my sofa in my living room is blank. How could I decorate it without using nails or screws?"


How to arrange furniture in the living/dining room?


living room furniture placement, partition furniture, open floor plan

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"I would like your advice on how to arrange the furniture in my living and dining area. I have attached some photos of my place and a rough floor plan."


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