Parts of a hinged door/ door nomenclature


Most doors are hinged along one side to allow the door to pivot away from the dorway in one direction but not in the other. The axis of rotation is normally vertical, although in some cases may be horizontal.

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Casing/ Trim: Final trim or finished frame around the top, and both sides of a door or window opening.

Hinge: A hinge is a component that attaches one edge of a door to the frame, while allowing the other edge to swing from it. It usually consists of a pair of plates, each with a set of open cylindrical rings (the knuckles) attached to them. The knuckles of the two plates are offset from each other and mesh together. A hinge pin is then placed through the two sets of knuckles and usually fixed, to combine the plates and make the hinge a single unit. One door usually has about three hinges, but it can varyThe main types include: Barrel hinge, pivot hinges, butt/ mortise hinges, case hinges, continuous hinges or piano hinges, concea,ed hinges, butterfly hinges or parliament (UK) hinges, flag hinges, strap hinges, H hinges, HL hinges.

Threshold (Saddle): It is the sill of a door. A sill is the bottom horizontal member of a wall or building to which vertical members are attatched.

Jambs: They are the vertical posts that form the sides of a door frame, where the hinges are mounted, and with which the bolt interacts. They can be separeted into the hindge jamb and the lock jamb.

Doorhandle/ doorknob: It is an attatched mechanism used to open or close a door. A hinged door can have a knob and be locable or could simply be pulled and pushed open.

Locks: A lock is a device that prevents access by those without a key or combination, generally by preventing one or more latches from being operated. Often accompanied by an escutcheon.

Escutcheon: it is an item that surrounds a keyhole or lock cylinder. Escutcheons help to protect a lock cylinder from being drilled out or snapped, and to protect the surrounding area from damage and wear from the end of the key when it misses the keyhole.


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The main parts of the panel doors are:


Stiles: Vertical boards that run the full height of a door and compose its right and left sides. The hindges are mounted to the fixed side (known as the "hanging stile" or "hindge stile"). The handle, bolt and/or latch are mounted on the swinging side (known as the "latch stile" or "lock stile")

Rails: Horizontal boards at the top, bottom and optionally in the middle of a door that join the two stiles and split the door into two or more rows of panels. The "top rail" and "bottom rail" are named for their positions. The bottom rail is also known as "kick rail". A middle rail at the height of the bolt is known as the "lock rail", other middle rails are commonly known as "cross rails".

Mullions: Smaller vertical boards that run between two rails, and split the door into two or more columns of panels.

Muntin: Strip of horizontal or verticla, wood or metal, members, separating and holding panes of glass in a window or door. Mullions also divide the door into smaller panels.

Panels: They are boards that fill the space between the stiles, rails and mullions.

Light or lite: A piece of glass in place of a panel, essentially giving the door an window.

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