DIY pencil holder using toilet paper tubes


Make a simple, economic and sustainable holder for pencils, pens, art supplies or small tools. 




  • 40-50 toilet paper tubes
  • PVA glue
  • Two spools of twine or thick string
  • Clothespin (optional)


  • Wooden/plastic stick or similar glue applicator
  • Scissors

First, start saving toilet paper tubes because you will need lots of them. If, like us, you use plenty of toilet paper, you will soon have a sufficient number of cardboard tubes. If not, just ask your friends and neighbors to start saving them for you.

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Enlarge a Small Bathroom by Proper Mirror Placement


Reader's question:
"My bathroom is very small. Can you give me a tip to make it look more spacious"

Our answer:

Apartment bathrooms tend to be on the small side. So how can you make a small bathroom appear large and spatious? The easy response is to apply light colors on walls, to use clever lighting and, most important, to add a large mirror. These solutions are pretty good but the professionals’ best-kept secret is none of these. Here it is:

The secret of professional designers does not lie in the size of the mirror but in its placement.

A designer will have a mirror cover an entire wall, from floor to ceiling, end to end. If there is a washbasin, then the mirror should start from the top of the vanity and end at the ceiling. No frame is added around the mirror and this heightens the illusion of continuity of the space behind and in front of the mirror.

If your bathroom is small or long and narrow, and provided the layout allows it, try to copy this secret as shown in the images below.

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Can I choose dark colors for the bedroom?


The bed in my bedroom is upholstered in beige and cinnamon and the bedside tables are dark walnut hardwood. What colors would you recommend for the walls and the bedside tables? What color would you suggest for the curtains? Can I choose dark colorsfor the walls?"

Our recommendations 

You could use dark shades to highlight focal points, e.g. the wall behind the bed painted in deep purple and a soft shade of magnolia applied to the others. The bedside tables can be painted in either the shade of magnolia or the cinnamon shade of the bed, depending on what color appeals to your taste in order to maintain a lighter or darker atmosphere in your bedroom.

Regarding the curtains’ fabric you could choose delicate organza or linen in ivory to match with the decoration style of the room.

Sliding panel blinds in dark purple, or floral curtains in opaque fabric are good selection for a deep, restful sleep.
Benefit from the positive energy the black color has to offer, by using it selectively in details, such as spotlights, picture frames, even in the fabric patterns of the cushions.

colors, bedroom, decoration, dark colors, purple

Another option could be the following color scheme.

Combine cobalt blue, on a wide stripe on the wall behind the bed and the ceiling, with the color of sand on the others. A rich chocolate shade for both the curtains and draperies is a good selection. Combine silver details to add elegance to the relaxing atmosphere the blue color offers. 

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Design your bathroom layout


Before, determing your bathroom's layout you should ensure that both all fixtures will fit in the plan and that it will remain enough free space around them. First and foremost you should measure the dimensions of your bathroom. Then you should draw a draft sketch of the floorplan. On this particular sketch you can experiment with alternative arrangments of bath fixtures and furniture.

How to draw the floorplan of your bathroom?

Step 1: Measure the dimensions of your bathroom, so you can draw a draft sketch of the floorplan. Then measure and add in your sketch:

  • The door.
  • Any windows that probably are in the room.
  • Any obstacles (for example a column).
  • The radiator.
  • The water and waste points.
Step 2: Draw on a graph paper the outline of the floor plan based on your previous measurements. You can also print the following sheet of a graph paper already divided in meters.
 grid paper

For the drawing you can use a ruler or you can make a free hand drawing. Apart from the walls, you should also add in the floor plan the door, any windows and other important elements that determine fixture arrangment (radiators, toilet drain tube, etc.).

bathroom layout, bathroom, floor plan

Step 3: Print the following sheet with the symbols of the most common sanitary ware, cut the symbols and then experiment with alternative layouts.

Note: Be sure to have yout printer settings the same as when you have printed the graph paper.

bathroom, symbols, sanitary ware, fixtures,

Step 4: the above sheet, includes various types of sanitary ware with their typical dimensions. However, all fixtures do not have the same measurements. So, after determining the bathroom's layout, you should then look for the specific fixtures you are planning to purchase.

  • The fixture symbols represent also the clearance area that must remain free around fixtures in order them to be functional.
  • The clearance areas can overlap with each other.


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Typical types of bathtubs


Tubes can be categorized by the method used to install them. The three basic installation types are attatched-apron, deck-mounted and freestanding. There are many different shapes of bathtubs and a range of materials to choose from, such as acrylic, cast iron, steel and wood.

  • The rectangular bathtub

Rectangular tubes are the most common shape. The rectangular tub is usually placed in contact with two or three walls. The free sides are covered with tiles or other material such as wood panels. The most popular material for the manufacturing of rectangular bathtubs is acrylic, since this is a lightweight yet very strong material. Moreover acrylic can be easily moulded into the required shape, even into extremely curved details.

Rectangular bathtubs come in a wide range of widths, lengths, depths, and colors in addition to the traditional 30" x 60" X 14" white version. Sizes vary from very short tubs of 1 meter long that are recommended for small bathrooms up to 1.70 or 1.80 meters long. The standard width of a tub is 0.70 or 0.75 meters.

An appropriate size for two people to share is a tube of 1.80 X 0.75 meters or 1.80 X 0.80 meters. In most case there is a side ledge, suitable for the storage of several personal care products (shampoo, soap, sponge, etc).  

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