What color the wooden furniture should have, to match with a grey sofa?


Reader's question:

The sofa is grey. What color the wooden furniture should have (apart from wenge) in order to match with the sofa.

Our answer:

Grey is a neutral color and matches with all type of woods and colors, either painted of natural. 

Consequently, the color of the sofa is not determinant for the color of the furniture. However, there are some things that you should consider before opting for a certain color or type of furniture. 

  • The brightness of the space. For, example, if the space is dark with little natural light, then you should avoid selecting dark wooden furniture. If the space is cold you should consider selecting natural wooden furniture. 
  • The style of your space. If the decoration style is classical, then the furniture could be deep colord, like mahogany, cherry and walnut or antique woods. If the space is more modern then the wooden surface of the furniture could be painted (lacquered) in many colors, treated with decorative varnishes, ech.  






How to arrange furniture in the living room?


Reades's question:

"I need some advice on how to arrange furniture in the living and dining area. Also, what type of furniture (and furniture dimensions) to buy?"

appartment floor plan


Can I create an extra room in my appartment?


Reader's question:

"Me and my husband we are on the process of renovating our apartment and we were wondering whether we could create an extra bedroom in our appartment (see the following floor plan). We have two sons and we would like to create a seperate room for each."



How to divide a bedroom in two spaces?


Reader's question:

"The boy's bedroom (teenagers) is about 4,50 X 4,50m large and I am thinking of dividing it into two separate spaces. On the one side there is the wardrobe and the entrance door and on the other side, there is the balcony door" 


divide a room,



Can you help me decide on kitchen units, cabinets, colors, etc?


Reader's question: 

"I am planning to select melamine for my kitchen cabinets and I am wondering whether I should select one or two colors. I send you two images. The backsplash tiles are glossy-beige and there is a window at the opposite of the fridge. I would appreciate some help on the color of the walls, on the curtain and on the dinning table"

kitchen, 3dmodels, design


Doble Paso: light and lightness in a stone seating


Purapietra presents Doble Paso: light and lightness in a stone seating.  Purapietra - a Moscato Marmi brand - made its debut this year in the Milan Fuorisalone event with a product that combines the futuristic design of Lucy Salamanca's outdoor seating and the technical virtuosity of the company.

In fact, the Doble Paso seating creates the paradox of lightness and flexibility, applied to a solid and heavy material like stone. The heart of the project is its layered structure: the forms of the seat are made from overlapping slabs of Grey Quartzite, held together by steel joints. The "empty spaces" that are naturally generated by the alternating slabs physically and visually lighten the weight of the object. As its designer, Lucy Salamanca explains, “I wanted to reach that exciting effect of light filtered through small slits that appears to dematerialize the heaviness of stone in the atmosphere."

garden, furniture, design, white, marble, stone

The layered structure is also reflected in the modularity of the object because it allows the shapes to be remodeled. Using slabs of different shapes and sizes, it's possible to radically change the appearance of the seat setting and obtain an infinite number of aesthetic combinations.

The choice of Grey Quartzite derives from the Moscato family's 40 years of experience. The founders of Moscato Marmi have a deep knowledge of stone-types coming from all over the world. “An infinite variety of stones exists“, says Fabio Moscato, “but each has its own character: a mixture of textures, colors and physical characteristics.” “So when we create an object or fit out a space", adds Gerardo Moscato, “we select the best material to respond to the required aesthetic and functionality”.

furniture, garden, marbe, stone

Doble Paso is the latest product in the collection of marble furnishing elements that Purapietra offers to different industries: outdoor and bathroom furnishing. The collection also includes a backless bench and a low table that can alternatively be used as a single seat.

furniture, garden, design, stone furniture


Outdoor seating

Name: Doble Paso

Design: Lucy Salamanca

Company: Purapietra

Materials: Grey Quartzite and steel

Size: l 177cm x d 80cm x h 82cm.

*DoblePaso seating has been presented during The Fiction Hotel event, organized by Maurizio Favetta and Kingsize Architects at via Tortona 26.

The Company


Lucy Salamanca, after graduating in Industrial Design at

Bogotà University (Colombia), moved to Italy in 1985 to undertake a major at IED Milan

In 1991 she opened her own studio in Milan and then in Bologna, collaborating with companies in various sectors - furnishing, bathroom accessories, packaging, food... - continually refining her design method and her studio's overall approach, that goes from research to experimentation, from project to communication. She organizes workshops abroad for the development and safeguarding of craft areas. She is currently the coordinator of the Sustainability Commission at the ADI Permanent Observatory.

Press Office:

Map Design Communication

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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