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What colors to choose for the fireplace and the wall around it?


Reader’s question

“I am going to install a fireplace in my house and I really need your help to choose matching colors for the fireplace and the wall around it. The furniture is dark brown and the curtains are light beige. All walls are white. On one wall I have living room cabinets in black and on the opposite brown/ gold paintings. Could I choose the color of vanilla for the fireplace and for the adjacent walls a chocolate mocha or the opposite? A low wall dividing the kitchen and the living room could be painted red? The space is airy and bright. I would appreciate your help."


What do you think about grey-blue for boy's room


Reader's question:

What do you think about grey and blue colors for boy’s kid’s bedroom? Do these colors match together? And what do you think about mustard color along with them to make the room more fun? The carpet on the floor is off-white.

Our recommendations: 

The scheme of blue-grey is an excellent choice for a boy’s room and suitable for both kid’s and teen’s room. Your kid will love it. Also, with this scheme you can create a nautical theme, which is a favorite theme for boys.

How to work with blue and grey.

  • Use the blue to feature a prominent wall. Blue is a calming, fresh and a very popular tone within modern interiors. The blue tone you have selected is deep, energetic almost electric with a hint of purple. Since, it is an energetic and overpowering color aplly it only on a single surface. Choose the wall that you naturally face, for example the wall opposite the entrance door or the wall behind the bed.
  • Use the grey as a background color: Grey is a neutral, harmonious color. It is not only matches with almost all tones and colors (both warm and cold tones) but also intensifies the vividness of the other colors. So paint the rest of the walls grey, to create a neutral background in the room.   

What about mustard details: Mustard color is a warm color that matches well with the abovementioned scheme. However I would personally prefer a more pale and light tone, like ochre, bronze-beige, soft yellow for the curtain, linen, etc. Mustard is probably too intense, deep and severe for a kids room. 

grey blue color scheme, grey blue kids bedroom, grey blue bedroom, grey blue decoration



What color to choose for the closet in the hallway of my house?


Reader’s question
"In my house there is a hallway closet which I would like to replace with a new one. I need your opinion on what kind of wood and what color to choose, whether the doors would be better to be sliding or opening. The doors to the bedrooms are iroko wood. Thank you in advance".


Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier


lighting, furniture, organic form lighting, design objects

Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier is a design atelier that creates art pieces that function as design objects. Aqua Creations boasts beautifully made and detailed lights, using the most advanced and sustainable lighting technology and also hand worked and finished upholstery, like an haute couture garment.
Aqua Creations was founded in 1994 by photographer Albi Serfaty and designer Ayala Serfaty and through the years Aqua has acquired a reputation for organic design, combining handcraft with industrial techniques introducing new materials and forms.

You can download the complete product catalogue


What paint color to choose for my kitchen?


Reader’s question

“I would like your help choosing a paint color for my kitchen. I have natural oak cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The countertop is beige and the kitchen is in contemporary decorating style. I prefer bright colors.”

Our recommendation

We suggest choosing shades of blue evoking the color of the sky and the classic, timeless white color or very pale gray, which combined with the natural color of oak form an elegant and comfortable space. A more pop option is the selection of turquoise and lime green in your kitchen.

ballet white OC 9 Benjamin Moore, kitchen paint colorwhythe blue Benjamin Moore, kitchen paint colorolive tint Benjamin Moore, kitchen paint color 










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