What color should I paint my bedroom?


Reader’s question

"I want to change my bedroom. I have a dark brown leather bed and two dark wooden nightstands. I also have a breakfast trolley and a mirror with wooden frame. Which color should I paint the walls, dark gray or dark blue?"


Our recommendation
Brown color is a versatile option as it can be combined with many different colors. However brown and blue combination is one of the most traditional, timeless combinations. Brown furniture and blue walls create a striking look in any room, especially in the bedroom. Almost all shades of blue blend with brown, but it is important to get a balance between the two colors, so a pleasant feeling in the space can be raised.

color, bedroom, schemes

We propose two shades of blue, one light and one darker: air force blue with purple hints and navy blue. The color choice depends on the size of the room. Dark blue color can be accented with decorative elements of the room in brighter shades.

color, bedroom, blue




What cabinets to choose in order to expand my Swedish pine kitchen cabinets?


Reader’s Question

"I would like to extend / remodel my kitchen which has Swedish wood cabinets. What color and what material to use for thecabinets and the countertop to go with the existing ones and give the kitchen a modern look? "

 Our recommendation

Swedish wood is a light colored wood with darker streaks and small pin knots. Over time, the color darkens to shades of red.


You can offer modern style to your kitchen by adding sleek and stylish new cabinets colored or white and appliances to blend with the old cabinets.


How to create a Moroccan style bathroom?


Reader’s question

"I am renovating my bathroom. I would love to decorate it in Moroccan style. Could you please advise me on the bathroom floorplan layout and give me some decorating ideas? I’ve attached a floor plan sketch of the bathroom. The drain position is marked with a red dot."

 floor plan sketch

Our recommendations

The bathroom is the place where people get rid of stress by indulging in the bathtub warm water. A Moroccan style bathroom is a stunning and luxurious solution. Moroccan style is sumptuous, warm and exotic. It brings to mind Arabian nights and relaxation to body.

Bathroom layout

Your bathroom is quite spacious, so we can arrange sanitaryware and furniture in the best way, leaving a lot of free space.

Layout No 1

Moroccan bathroom floor plan


How to hide a tube from the air-conditioner in my bedroom?


Reader's question:

"In my bedroom I have installed an air-conditioner. The problem is, that a tube from the airconditioner to the outer wall (around 50cm long) is visible from the interior. Under the tube is the bedside cabinet. Could I do something to cover the tube?"

Our recommendations:

From your message we deduct the arrangement of the furniture and we propose two solutions.

  • A' Solution:

Over the bed and over the bedside cabinets, you can place symmetrically two boxes (made of wood or gypsum boards). One of the boxes will camouflage the tube. Under the boxes, they can be hanged two long lamps that will also function as bedside lamps. 

The boxes can be painted with a dark tone while the wall behind the headboard can be decorated with wallpaper or with wall decals. 

air conditioner in bedroom, hide air conditioner


What color should I paint my room?


Reader’s question

"I am 23 years old. I have brown furniture in my bedroom. I would like to repaint it and I am asking your help on what colors to select. Could you suggest me two-tone color combinations?"

Our recommendation
Colors combined with brown furniture and feature a teen room are various shades of blue: air force blue, royal blue, navy blue, cyan. You can also combine other colors with blue and brown like light gray, elephant gray, mushroom shade, camel shade and light tan.
The choice of the right two-tone scheme for the room depends on the size of the space and the colors of the other room elements, such as curtains, bedspread, and carpets. The selection of the bright or pale color scheme depends on what kind of atmosphere you wish to create in the room.
Proposed Color Schemes
1. Navy blue / light gray or light blue




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