The shelfless bookshelf - YUU



The first creation by Toton made by Borella Design.

The YUU bookshelf figures amongst the new designs displayed during the January edition of MAISON & OBJET.

Born from the pencil of Augusto Antonio Viola, architect PHD epistemology, lecturer at the Sorbonne and creator of the brand Toton: a community of artists and professionals with multiple backgrounds and nationalities. The bookshelf is made by Borella Design and distributed by 100x100 Design. The first of the YUU collection offers a furnishing system for both exteriors and interiors with a variety of accessories: vases, wine racks , shelves, document holders, book ends, cd holders, and lighting elements.

The YUU furnishing system is built with a single vertical profile that has a 2 x6 cm cross section, in varnished or anodized aluminum. Horizontally, the profile acts as a support for books, vases, objects and accessories.. The invention of a totally revolutionary hinge allows a unique compositional flexibility. YUU, more than a bookshelf, is a mounting system that will grow to satisfy diverse needs.

YUU Dettaglio tecnico MaisonObjet 2013YUU Dettaglio tecnico MaisonObjet 2013 4 



















This project was born almost fortuitously, from the desire to create an absurd: a bookshelf without shelves. This challenge immediately inspired the eclectic architect settled in Paris, who developed a prototype and submitted it to Giuseppe Cerutti, from the distributing company 100X100 design and agent of the Zanotta brand. Unknown to the general public, Cerutti is a reference for design professionals as a talent-scout of the new generations. Cerutti pushed the Toton team to elaborate a new YUU, to be produced on an industrial scale. YUU would need to be manufactured at reduced costs, fitted to requirements of all countries, with the option to be fixed to the floor, to the wall or even suited to create separations in open space.

YUU MaisonObjet 2013

The new YUU was born; a project so innovative and courageous that it attracted the attention of Sergio Borella, founder of the Borella design. His company has more than ten years experience in the automotive field. The firm designs and produces in Italy prototypes for the most prestigious car and aeronautic brands. He benefits from pioneering technology and a team of designers and technicians constantly engaged in the quest of innovative production processes. This year Borella Design made its know-how available to the creation of furniture design. The forefront of technology put to the service of living at last. The first Borella Design collection showcases the signatures of Xavier Lust, Sergio Borella, A. A. Viola and Supra associated architects. While also benefiting from the valuable collaboration of Luisa Bocchietto, architect, designer and president of ADI (Italian Designer Association), who signed the set installation of the exhibition in Paris.


YUU is a patent. The system is based on the use of a revolutionary clamping element: The only one of its kind in the world able to secure together three rectangular cross-section bars. It is a Social Creativity Product turning the consumer into the creator of his/her own living environment.

YUU is a design tool. Easy assembling of the metal clamping joints and bars allows creating book-cases, mezzanines, kitchens, walk-in closets, and garden walls. To the structures thus created, furnishing accessories are then added. These apps are produced by companies, artists, craftsmen/women and by the YUU owners themselves, from all over the world, and offer novel solutions for the furnishing of stores, offices, restaurants, hotels, living-rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and gardens.

YUU MaisonObjet 2013 7

Instructions for YUUs

During the Milan Design Week, YUU will be interpreted, personalized, reinvented by five designers in four different city locations +1. Daniele Lago, Lorenzo Palmeri, Matteo Ragni, Raw-Edges and Studiodass were chosen to work with YUU. Each was given 20 clamping elements and 50 meters of bars to “play” with and freelyconceive function, shape and dimensions.

YUU Daniele Lago lAppartamento LAGO 2013 Foto Silvana Spera, modern bookshelvesYUU Lorenzo Palmeri Corraini 121 2013 Foto Silvana Spera 















Thus, the 50 meters of aluminium bars are segmented and bent; they swivel, they protrude; they are dressed and coloured whilst the twenty joints connect, link and clamp.

YUU Matteo Ragni JannelliVolpi Store 2013 Foto Silvana Spera, shop entrance canopyYUU Raw Edges La Triennale 2013 Foto Silvana Spera, outdoor sculpture 















The five locations, between reality and virtual, helps to define the interpretative game: the LAGO apartment in Brera, the Jannelli & Volpi Store in Porta Venezia, the Corraini 121 bookshop in Zona Tortona, the Milan Triennale and the YUU home page .

YUU studiodaas Equilibrio , bookcase 


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