All that glitters is not GOLD...!



A selection of GOLDEN proposals...... 

Construction materials and decorative items in gold are a lovely choice for a neutral space as they look luminous in the soft natural light. The aesthetic of this vibrant color is considered classic and timeless.

 Door Handles

Aretè Handle - Design Mauro Ronchi Forged Brass, gold finishing

Aretè Handle





Cassia Handle - Design Mauro Ronchi Hot stamped brass, golden finishing

Cassia Handle


Soap holder dispenser and cup 

Soap holder, dispenser and cup: useful and refined, they complete a bathroom environment, where elegance places the brilliance of colour side by side. In the pictures gold leaf decoration















 table lamp





An elegant ceramic collection composed by a table lamp and three pots of different sizes, exterior finishes available in gold or platinum and enameled white inside. Snake Planter - Ceramic.









 Busnelli - LIBRO chair

LIBRO chair


Robero Giovannini srl – Via Dell'Artigianato 54b – 50025 Montespertoli (FI) - tel. +39 0571670200 -  

 Robero Giovannini srl mirror

Robero Giovannini srl table lamp











The gold of fairytale spells. The mirror of desires. A thin gilded film of four different metals applied to the glass substrate enriches space with delicate, refined touches of luxury, or prestigious full-wall coverings displaying eccentric stylemes. The very emblem of ductility, gold is a powerful yet gentle creative tool, the basis for pure freedom of expression. Specifications Glass and gold mosaic consisting of square dots 4 mm thick, in size 20x20 mm, with 24 carat gold foil applied to the back. The dots are mounted on glass fibre mesh to form a sheet of 327x327 mm in which the dots are about 2 mm apart. 



Antolini - Natura Collection - WAVE GOLD02Antolini - Natura Collection - WAVE GOLDAntolini - Natura Collection - WAVE GOLD01 






Textures are embellished by shining laces, soft arabesques that fascinate with their lines, by geometrical lights and shades that run one after the other one endlessly, by floral reliefs with a little bit old-fashioned taste. The tactile result is a mere emotion. The conveyed energy is vital. Beauty is supreme. It is a unique collection whose strength is contained into nature itself and made visible by Antolini’s insight and by its refined working techniques. This collection is made of different materials and is available with a wide range of designs. Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.a. Via Marconi, 101 Sega di Cavaion (VR) Italy Tel. +39.045.6836611 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The decor is classic par excellence is that of neoclassical swags performed in 24 carat gold, enhanced by the white porcelain of high quality, cooked to “gran foco” cooking for 4 total. LE PORCELLANE HOME & LIGHTING - Via V. Alfieri 149/151 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Italia tel +39 055 882227  

Le Porcellane Home  Lighting - IMPERO ORO Collection

Featuring a slim silhouette like a shadow of China, this new classic lamp is available in three sizes and the lampshade is handmade cotton “grinzato”. LE PORCELLANE HOME & LIGHTING - Via V. Alfieri 149/151 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Italia tel +39 055 882227 

Regal and imposing the whole series is crafted in gold or silver leaf. For parchment lampshades and trimmings coordinated. LE PORCELLANE HOME & LIGHTING - Via V. Alfieri 149/151 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Italia tel +39 055 882227

 Le Porcellane Home  Lighting - Minosse Collection

















Jewels, coins and ingots: since time immemorial, gold has been one of the most commonly exchanged items and has always been seen as a safe investment, a guarantee against the instability of financial markets. But for VG the king of all metals is also destined to be the protagonist par excellence of the most elegant tables during the next Christmas festivities. In the “Classic” collection, designed by VM Design, Vincenzo Antonuccio and Marilena Calbini, gold, the Christmas must-have, is combined with black to exalt the gloss and splendor of this precious metal. VG reinterprets decorative styles inspired by classic art, revisiting them in a modern, contemporary key to create a timeless collection, an exceptional mise en place. The dinner plates are available in 4 different sizes: charger plate, dinner plate, soup plate, bowl. 




The details define the original mood and the true character of an ambiance. In order to communicate an indisputable concept of luxury and differentiation, VM Design introduces the wall panel Crown, suitable for minimalist contemporary spaces as well as for the most sumptuous decorated settings. From the black gloss lacquered panel, (cm 60x60), a regal chrome gold crown comes out, as a symbol of plenty and good luck, with a clear touch of irony and lust to surprise. 







VG - Lord Bufalo


When design winks at transgression and luxury decides to play with its own rules, the result is a disarming freeing irony, which - thanks to its conceptual purity - passes any border over. Through a reinterpretation of the stereotypes of our society, with no inhibitions affecting their artistic and intellectual sensibility, VM Design introduces Lord Buffalo: the aesthetical manifestation of the synthesis between male and female spirit, which live together and become one in each of us and in everything around. Lord Buffalo, created for VG and made in black lacquered resin with “touch” finish and golden inserts, is the breath-taking expression of an inspired unrealistic interior decoration, which loves to dare and communicate with force its own messages of freedom, energy and distinction. Count, pirate and metrosexual; man and woman: only your eyes - and heart - can decide what. Available in three dimensions: Small, H cm 25; Medium, H cm 60; Big, H cm 120. 

 Gran Mogol Collection

This collection provides one single size (15x15 cm), available in 5 versions of different diamond grinding and 2 color nuances for enameling: charcoal gray and gold that are characterized by a homogeneous finishing, almost minimal. This collection provides the development in many colors Pecchioli offers for its carry over lines. Franco Pecchioli Ceramica Firenze - viale Belfiore 30/R - 50144 Firenze - tel 055 3905211 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -

 Gran Mogol oro













ARTISTIC TERRACOTTA – for this series the hand enameling is combined with the handmade terracotta support. It is produced in the 5x5, 10x10, 15x15, 25x25, 30x30, 5x25 sizes and as an hexagon side 5 cm and side 10 cm and in the forms of small torus, torus , shaped torus and moulding. photo: Mugello's Terracotta Gold Art cm 10x10 e cm 15x15 in different nuances of gold Franco Pecchioli Ceramica Firenze - viale Belfiore 30/R - 50144 Firenze - tel 055 3905211 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -








Post Modern Dolls Design by Ginevra Bocini

These objects feature simple shapes and primary colours and in some way express with an essential, almost archetypical, language the out-of-time and reassuring image of dolls. The dolls are made in white matt ceramic in 2 different sizes (H 39 cm and 41 cm) and are available in the following finishes: gold, platinum, copper and black. Limited edition of 199 piecs. Each object is provided with a certificate of guarantee to state their originality and bearing the picture of the piece and its edition number until the end of the edition. Bitossi Ceramiche - via Antonio Gramsci 16 - 50056 Montelupo Fiorentino (FI) - tel. 0571/51403 - 

Bitossi Ceramiche - Collezione Post Modern Dolls

Bitossi Ceramiche - Collezione ClessidreAn ancient instrument with a timeless charm: the hourglass. Sinuous forms that seems to bear the flow of time and the beats of its rhythm. Forms that were turned into vases of unmistakable appeal, whose soft but well defined proportions were underlined by the adoption of a sharp and matching chromatic pattern. This ancient instrument for measuring is now interpreted by the clean design of Ginevra Bocini who stripped these shapes of their original function and gave them a new unexpected and amazing one. The technical skills of Bitossi Ceramiche are an added value to these objects so full of harmony and colour which express with their simplicity the taste and elegance that Italian design represents in the entire world . Vase 1 H 36 – D. 19 cm White Matt/Gold Shiny Bitossi Ceramiche - via Antonio Gramsci 16 - 50056 Montelupo Fiorentino (FI) - tel. 0571/51403 - 






 Loto Collection

For the collection devoted to furnishing, the inspiration was taken once again from nature, but referring to an unusual and exotic flower: water lily, with its complex and original structure, a symbol of grace, purity and delicacy. By imitating and reinterpreting the elements and the texture of this flower, items with a strong emotional suggestion have been created reproducing the suggestions this flower provides in nature to the one who sees it. The collection is made of lead crystal glass decorated by manually engraving the mold in order to give uniqueness and materiality to the texture. Small footed cake Ø 25 cm IVV – Lungarno Guido Reni 60 – 52027 S. Giovanni Valdarno (AR) – tel. 055/944444 –


Special Collection Special Collection Regal cups, glasses and pitcher enrich the table. Ethereal hints of gold in this new line make every gathering an event. round scalloped tray Ø 41 cm IVV – Lungarno Guido Reni 60 – 52027 S. Giovanni Valdarno (AR) – tel. 055/944444 –

IVV - Collezione LotoIVV - Collezione Special











 Villa D'Este Home Tivoli - Vassoio Glitter

Villa DEste Home Tivoli - Vassoio Glitter


materials for interior design

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