A “Greenery” selection for the 2017 stylish interiors


Pantone Color of the Year

Greenery is the new pantone colour for 2017: a nature-inspired gradation which suggests renovation and regeneration. 

Here you will find our personal and design-oriented selection of home decoration products to renovate any space with style and a touch of greenery: 

OSMOSI, limited edition vases by Emmanuel Babled. 

OSMOSI limited edition vase, modern vase, vase made of glass and marble

By combining new technology with traditional craftsmanship in an entirely innovative way, a virtual fusion is made between marble and hand-blown glass. These materials are put together with a precision that is only possible thanks to high-level digital technology. The process begins with the realization of the glass. The hand blown form is then captured by a 3D scanner. Through the digitalization of the form, the matching shape is CNC (computer numerical control) milled into the marble, creating two unique pieces that match each other perfectly. They are separate pieces, but one has no meaning without the other. They fit together through gravity alone. Like Cinderella and the glass shoe, there is only one unique piece of glass that can fit into one unique piece of marble.  


SCOTTY BAROQUE, crystal chandelier by WINDFALL.

SCOTTY BAROQUE crystal chandelier, baroque chandelier, crystal chandelier

This beautiful chandelier designed by Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans, is made with beautiful Swarovski beads, mounted on a thin metal structure with the exclusive “Curler Technique” (crimping technique), patented by Windfall. SCOTTY BAROQUE is available in several standard sizes (ø 70, ø 80, ø 90 x 20 cm) or in bespoke ones. Lighting: Spotlights or reflective plate. 


HELLBOB, crystal chandelier by WINDFALL. 

HELLBOB crystal chandelier, crystal chandelier

HELLBOB crystal chandelier by Windfall Also assembled according to the "Curler Technique" of WINDFALL, but in the charming and evocative spherical shape, Hellbob chandelier is made with octagonal Swarovski Strass®. It is available in 13 colors. The structure can come with chromed or gold plated finishing. The standard dimensions are 20, 36, 42, 50, 80 cm; the special ones up to 500 cm. Lighting: Spotlights or reflective plate.


DOUBLE LAYER GREEN rug, designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for NODUS.

DOUBLE LAYER GREEN rug, tibetan rug, rug made of wool and silk

A hand knotted Ziegler rug in wool, dyed by the artist with a decorative motif, in green.  DOUBLE LAYER is available in different sizes and each piece is a one-off. 

"Conceptually, the piece explores the power of interpretation of piece of furniture characterized by signs and traditional decorations, belonging to a specific culture.  The artistic intervention reflects the charm of the denial and of the exaltation of the subject.  This level of decor is superimposed just apparently to the Persian plot, as while invading it, it becomes complementary part of the work. The choice of colors, bright and contemporary, is overlapped on the colors of the Persian, masking and enhancing the representation.” Marcantonio.


ATOM rug, designed by James Irvine for NODUS

ATOM rug, tibetan rug, rug made of wool and silk

Rug in wool (100% Tibetan highland wool mixed with New Zealand wool) or silk. Hand knotted on a loom in Nepal. The size is 256x112 cm. The pile height is 10 mm and it has 100 knots per square inch. 


SAIL rug, designed by Luca Nichetto for NODUS. 

SAIL rug, rug made of wool and silk, tibetan rug

Rug in wool (100% Tibetan highland wool mixed with New Zealand wool ) or silk,  with a “flap” part that can be used as the  back of a chair, in order to seat comfortably. SAIL is hand knotted on a loom in Nepal. The size is 440x229 cm. The pile height is 10 mm and it has 100 knots per square inch. 


For further information: 

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