Wooden furniture inspired by patchwork


Patchwork is a technique of cutting and sewing small pieces of fabric creating larger textiles. However, the idea of joining diverse fabrics together and creating completely new designs, has not only inspired quilters and textile artists but also furniture designers. These are some of the most interesting examples that apply the philosophy of patchwork into furniture making.

  • Commode by Entwurf-Direkt. According to the creators the design of these objects is basically an antidesign as its respective shape is a result of putting together the findings as they come along. This can be compared to a remix done with pieces of music or else a collage as found in the arts. Each piece of furniture is a unique specimen, as they depend on the findings that are not available in unlimited numbers. 
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  • Patchwork table by Schleeh Design. The table consists of chromed solid steel frame with patchwork of exotic woods.

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  • Sleek Recyclo Bowl by Schleeh Design. The technique calls for small, disparate pieces to be arranged into a mosaic with the aid of mirrors, which allow one to see the completed design before the actual contsruction.

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  • Patchwork chair by Amy Hunting. The chair is built out of wood waste and off-cuts and nothing else. 

PatchworkChair amy hunting, Amy Hunting. wood waste design, recycled furniture, reclaimed wood funriture, wood chair


  • Paper Cupboard Patchwork by Studio Jobs for mooiiMaterial: wood and cardboard, finished with paper, polyurethane (PU) and wood veneer. 

paper furniture, Studio Jobs, moooi furniture, moooi


  • Credenza Fantesca B / Design: Maurizio Duranti for Morelato

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  • Bookcase / Design: Maurizio Duranti for Morelato

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  • Cupboard “armadiature” by Robi Renzi. Designed for RenziVivian and composed by salvaged material items used as if they were the pieces of a very contemporary puzzle. 

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  • Dressed furniture by Soojin Kang. These objects are handmade inspired by traditional crafts and antique raw materials.  

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  • Patchwork cabinet by Kiki-van-Eijk. Materials: oak, ceramics, bronze, glass. Photography by Frank Tielemans.

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  • Patchwork dresser by West elm. This console wth the richly grained facade showcasing six eclectic finishes, has the cozy feel of an heirloom quilt. 

 Patchwork dresser, west elm design, westelm design


  • Solid multi-wood "Nita" dresser by Tunico T. for EcoFirstArt. Tunico T finds his raw materials in the surrounding "Cerrado" the largest savannah region in South America. For over thirty years, Tunico T. has scrupulously enforced that neither he nor his trackers cut down living wood. Instead, he extends the life of expired Brazilian hardwoods, fallen or sawn long ago, and transports their beauty into the indoors. Each piece begins as material that is meticulously selected by hand and evolves into a creation of equally meticulous hand craftsmanship. 

Tunico T, eco friendly design, patchwork design, wood patchwork, patchwork furniture


  • Gonzo console / Designer: Thomas Bina. A magnificent mix of reclaimed Brazilian peroba, walnut and matte black steel puts this console center stage in any room. Not just another pretty patchwork, the extra-long console has organizational skills, with four drawers and four doors ready to sort and store in style. 
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