Patchwork furniture- upholstery fabrics


Patchwork involves sewing together pieces of fabric into larger designs. Patchwork textiles are used extensively in home decoration, for example in quilts, wall hangings, cushions, curtains, rugs, table mats, etc. They are also used in furniture upholstery resulting in stunning and eye-catching pieces of furniture. 


  • Bench Peacock Patchwork by Kare design. A highly decorative bench created by different patchwork fabrics with shimmering colours. Materials:Mango wood, cotton, foam upholstery. 


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  • Recamiere Patchwork Velvet by Kare design. A piece of furnutire with an attractive mixture on an antique formal idiom and homely patchwork style. Cover material: viscose, upholstrery polyester foam. 

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  • The bench Stool by Squint Limited. The curved mahogany Bench stool made in England to commision in the colourway as shown, by the nature of the hand stitched patchworked process no two pieces are exactly the same. Fabrics used include woven silks and printed and woven cottons. 

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  • The Mahogany carved sofa by Squint Limited. A unique piece of furniture with bright and colourful printed fabrics.

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  • Red and green camelback settee by Salmagundi. A ball and claw foot loveseat is repurposed into a colorful, setee. Apple green leather arms, linens, chenilles and velvets complete the ensemble with multicolor brass and crystal nails and contrasting welt as finishing details.

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  • Lamartine Romantic patchwork sofa by Paonwork. Lamartine is the symbol of elegance and nobility, and has in the past hosted distinguished families. The designer was inspired by the famous literature author Alphonse Lamartine’s literary work "Méditations poétiques” (Poetic Meditation) invites you to meditate the romantic and magical world of colours.

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  • Countryman sofa by namedesignstudio. The classic design Countryman Sofa is upholstered by recycled cow leathers. Beautiful combination of the lovely colors. The beech wood construction, foam rubber and copper nail heads are brand new. The frame is made of kiln dried hardwood and the classic wood legs are polished nicely. Copper nail heads are used all around to complete the elegant look.

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  • Patchwork 'Chesterfield' Sofa by patchwork4homeDesigned by tones of warm colours 'red orange purple'. Original chesterfield structure covered with best quality fabrics. This patchwork chesterfield sofa is %100 handmade and unique design so just one the earth. First quality wood and foam rubber used. Legs are polished in shiny yellow color.

Patchwork Chesterfield Sofa patchwork4home, patchwork sofa ideas, patchwork furniture ideas


  • Paris blue ball & claw by Salmagundi. Paris blue croc embossed leather,velvet, woven paisley, and gold flecked chenille make this reclaimed frame truly special. Features a hand rubbed antique white finish.

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  • Armchair patchwork velvet colore by Kare design. Original armchair in a charming mix of styles. Design of the Fifties meets a modern interpretation of the patchwork look. Enchanting fabrics and very comfortable upholstery. Material: frame: sheesham wood, cover: viscose, upholstery: polyester foam.

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  • Lounge chairs by Philippe Bestenheider. Binta, an Africa-inspired chair, part of the Moroso collection. Its upholstery is a patchwork of Wax fabrics, the traditional textiles worn by African women. The brash, bright colour contrasts are in the tradition of African textiles and colour schemes. 

Patchwork chairs Philippe Bestenheideir, African textiles, African patchwork,


  • Pink Star patchwork dining chair by Paonwork. Furnished Patchwork styling with the fine combination of lace, DuPont satin, velvet and other high quality fabric 

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Ottomans and poufs

  • Stool Scottish Patchwork by Kare design. Colourful stool in patchwork style. The cover offers a very lively look featuring check patterns in vivid colours with shades of brown for a rustic flair. The Chesterfield upholstery creates an attractive touch and ensures comfortable seating

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  • Corbiere bed by Squint Limited. The Corbiere carved mahogany king size bed made in a classic French style as shown with a patchworked headboard and footboard. By the nature of the hand stitched patchworked process no two pieces are exactly the same. Fabrics used include woven silks and satins.

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