Contemporary and handmade wall clocks



A selection of 10 well designed, handmade wall clocks with sofisticated and contemporary style. 

  • A unique clock by Objectify. The wall clock is made from sustainable produced Radiata plywood with the design digitally printed to polyester and laminated to the front. Each clock face is unique, reflecting the grain of the wood it was made from. 

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  • An easy to read modern wood clock by Uncommon. Slick, simple numbers have been laser engraved into the natural birch face to reaveal the MDF layer below. Due to the natural qualities of wood the woodgrain may vary from the clock in the photo. This means that your clock will be one of a kind. 

wall clock, wooden waal clock, handmade wall clock, design wall clock copyright 2012 dust and ashes productions, inc.


  • Elian, meaning second, a moment in life by Lessandmore. The wall clock was made from salvaged oak, rough sawn and slightly sanded. The surface left unfinished.

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  • An extremely strong (impact-resistant) wall clock and very light at the same time by enhorabuena. The name "Shell" represents the vortex of time passing, that leaves even the toughest surfaces a delicate embroidery. Available in mirror steel. 

 steel wall clock, mirror wall clock, metal wall clock,



  •  A wooden, relief clock with a simple and elegant design, made by Paladim. The natural wood appearance will add warmth in any place. 

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  • An ultra-thin felt clock designed and handmade by Sassafras. The clock has a thickness of just 2.8cm made of 2mm felt.

felt clock, felt design, felt wall clock, modern felt



  • A large, wooden wall clock with the shape of natural branches by Asymmetreedesign. The form of the clock is inspired by the natural growth prosesses of corals, trees, etc. The side of the wood is black resulting in beautiful depth and contrast. 

wall clock, laser cut design, laser cut wall clocks,



  • A polygon wall clock by portrhombus. The design consists of concentric polygons from a triangle through decagon. The outer profile of the clock is then a dodecagon with twelve points which you can uses to tell the time easily. 

modern wall clock, moder handmade, modern craft, contemporary craft,



  • A handmade vinyl wall clock made by RakuLabFly. Note that it shows only the half hours, which is part of the concept. 

vinyl wall clock, recycled wall clock



  • Felt wall clocks with large dots by Feltdots. A great and colorful accent for your home or office. 

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  • A big round wall clock by ArtisEverything with a glossy finish which gives a retro and chick look to the clock. The thick melamine surface is printed in a colorful ocean design. 

printed wall clock, melamine clock, blue wall clock,



  • A two part wall clock & pendulum by Object Industrial Art. The designers took the pendulum and the clock apart and made the two part clock.

modern wall clock, pendulum, wall clock design



  • A wooden wall clock with decorative house treebird by Treebird woodDesigns. It is a wall clock with modern design and elegant appearance.

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  • A wooden wall clock by DecoboxRo. Massive wood is cut in geometrical pattern, manual painted and assembled with an abstract vision for shapes and shadows.

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  • A recycled pizza pan clock by hairqueen48. The clock is made from a heavy weight aluminum pizza pan. It has a large steel piece covering the clock mechanism. The hour and minute hands are painted red. The second hand is black with a star at the end. 

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  • A clock made from two layers of high quality compatible glass by SeaLambGlass. The layers are cut and assembled by hand. The glass pieces are then completely fused together in a kiln at temperatures over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, a hole is drilled for the clock mechanism and the piece returns back to the kiln to take the wave shape. 

glass wall clock, fusing wall clock


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