Can I build my kitchen countertop at 95cm?


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"In a past article, you have mentioned that a kitchen countertop's typical height is at 90cm. However, I am quite tall for a woman (at 1.80m) so I suggested that my carpenter builds the countertop a bit higher (at 95cm). I am not quite sure about that decision and I would appreciate your input on the matter."
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The matter of the kitchen countertop's height is indeed quite complex as it has to facilitate every user of the household (men, women, kids, elders, both tall and short).
The typical height for a countertop is 900mm. Nevertheless, many researches suggest that this value can come up to 950mm and even 975mm, as a taller countertop makes work much more comfortable than a shorter one. This rises certain questions on how comfortable a countertop of that height can be for children and elders.
Coming back to your question, if you are tall, you can build your countertop at 950mm.
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Your carpenter just has to construct a higher base. Besides, integrated appliances have an average height of 850mm, so they can easily fit underneath the countertop. A problem arises if you use freestanding appliances, because in that case you will have a considerable height difference between the countertop and the appliance.
While you can easily raise the countertop, you can't lower it, especially if you have integrated appliances. The net height below the countertop shouldn't be less than 870mm so that it can fit the integrated appliances.
The thickness of the countertop may vary between 30mm and 50mm.
Lastly, many tasks, like whisking eggs or peeling peas, are better done on the kitchen table (740-750mm height). Also elders prefer sitting at the table while they prepare most parts of a meal. You can cover the kitchen table with a cloth of a glass surface to increase the working surfaces in your kitchen. 

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