The walls are green (petrol) and the floor dark wood. How to make a romantic bedroom?


Reader's question:

"I want to change the style of my bedroom and to make it more romantic. The room is a loft. Still, I think it is difficult to achieve a quixotic look since the floor is dark wood and the walls are petrol blue. The bed is iron.”

Our answer:

Romantic style is intimate, personal, represents an ideal and innocent life. Romantic rooms emanate warmth tenderness and sweetness.

 How to make a romantic bedroom:

First and foremost remove any gym equipment from the room. If possible remove the TV or hide it inside a cabinet.  Electronics, computers, tech items increase stress and you should avoid having them close to where you sleep.

Bed: The most important element in a romantic bedroom is the bed and you should keep it always made and clean.

Choose a fluffy down comforter, for example a goose father duvet, to make your bed look like a soft cloud. Add extra pillows to layer the bed.


romantic bedding 

The linens should have a natural and soft touch. Choose cotton linens in soft colors or a toile bed linen.  


toile bedding, tolie romantic bedding;

The color palette: Petrol color is a vibrant shade that dominates space and adds excessive energy. To make space more relaxed and peaceful stay at a single monochromatic scheme and choose (for the fabrics and the furniture) neutral, soft tones like cream white, ivory and light blue. Avoid dark or dynamic colors like yellow and red.

Windows: If the view from the window is relaxed and interesting and the natural light soft, use sheer, flowing and gauzy curtains. If the view is disturbed try opaque, luxurious curtains like silk or velvet drapes that will shut the world out.


beautiful-interior-exciting-romantic-bedroom, romantic bedroom curtains;

Light: Avoid harsh overhead lighting and choose lower-wattage bulbs for a romantic glow. Use table lamps and dimmable wall-mounted scones or even an elegant chandelier that spread and diffuse light.



Hang an antique style mirror in a focal point or place it on the wall.


romantic-bedroom-from-high-gloss, romantic mirror;

Furnishing: Choose furnishing that evokes the nostalgia of the past, like for example pieces that refer to the Victorian era, small in scale and decorative. However don’t go overboard with the decoration and the embellishments. The surfaces of the furniture might have a touch of patina (sanded or chipped woods and iron) that suggest a sheen of age. 


Place a warm and fluffy rug on the floor: The wooden floor is already warm and cozy. Thought, add a soft rug to step on when you get out of bed


romantic bedroom rug;

Flowers: Add a floral element in your room like a floral wallpaper or an oil painting with similar theme, or a porcelain vase with dried or fresh flowers.



Keep space clutter-free: A romantic room is a relaxing and peaceful place. Keep things simple, well-organized and avoid overstaffing.  

romantic style decoration, prairie decorating style         

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