Functional beautiful interior accessories by HeadSprung!


Founded by design engineer Hemal Patel, HeadSprung! is a London-based practice specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories, furniture and lighting. They have just released 3 new products.

1. Cosmic Jar

- a beautiful, multi-functional lantern.  It can be used with the supplied battery-operated LED string lights (pictured second from right below) to produce a magical lighting effect that looks like a 'cosmos of stars' (or a swarm of fireflies) trapped in a vintage Mason jar.  Additionally, it is supplied with a tealight holder to allow it to be used as a traditional candle lantern (pictured right below).  The glass jar can also be used with pillar candles or floating candles (pictured first and second below) to offer alternate lighting solutions.  Due to its clever design the Cosmic Jar can be used in and outdoors, and is perfect for adding a little extra light at garden parties or barbecues during long summer evenings, or adding a touch of magical, mood lighting at weddings or parties.

Cosmic Jar lantern  

2. Galaxy Dom

- a beautiful, decorative table light which uses energy-efficient micro LED string lights to produce a truly mesmerising effect.  When turned on each LED produces a small spot of light which, from a distance, look like stars in the night sky.  The overall appearance of the many LED's is a 'galaxy of stars' caught in a beautiful glass dome.  The Galaxy Dome is supplied with a dimmer switch which allows users to control the brightness of the lights.

Galaxy Dome table light, επιτραπέζιο φωτιστικό 

3. Swirl

- a sculptural, hand-made tealight holder set whose design is inspired by the art of paper quilling and flourishing swirls.  Its modular design allows users to adjust and arrange the individual parts into an infinite number of patterns.  The Swirl is designed to be elegant in use, and a beautiful table sculpture when the candles are not lit.  To extend its functionality, the Swirl has been cleverly designed to accommodate both tealights (pictured below) and stick candles.

Swirl Tealight Holder 2, μοντέρνα ρεσώ  

HeadSprung! Ltd

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