Wooden coffee tables


  • The coffee table Bordus / Designer Ola Giertz . It is a "twisted" coffee table with two sides pointing in different directions. The inspiration came from the different angles that you can see in Stealth aircrafts, making it difficult for radars to detect the aircrafts effectively. Materials: Solid ash joined together in a dovetail with walnut-pieces. 

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  • Level coffe table for odesi / Design: Vandaag design studio . A playful coffee table with rounded formed metal legs. The combinations of the wood and bright colors of the legs make a surprising appearance.

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  • Nurbs coffee table by Undo this last. Instead of buying furniture from a warehouse outside of town, “Undo this last” thought people would prefer a visit to a workshop close to the city centre: everything you buy from them is made at the back of their shop, on a digital router. Unto This Last” is the title of a book written in 1860 by John Ruskin. He advocated a return to the local craftsman workshops, having a few doubts about the human cost of the Industrial Revolution. 

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  • Hexad coffee table by Tomoko Azumi . They are stackable, extendible coffee tables. Their hexagonal shape allows to make extension in long narrow line or wide surface, depending on the space. 

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  • The coffee table Aura/ contrast collection by Ubica-seriesThe Contrast Collection shows a contrast between the warm texture of wood and the smooth, cold painted areas, available in different color finishes.

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  • Table Lalinde by Sentou. Table top lacquered MDF or teak veneer with legs varnished oak or lacquered black. 

Table lalinde

  • Occa by BoConcept. A walnut venner coffee table. 

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  • Surface coffee table by B&B Italia/ Designer: Vincent Van Duysen. Multiuse small coffee table, inspired by a painting by Piet Mondrian and the sculptures of Donald Judd. 

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