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The entry is the first and last stop in your home that welcomes your guests. But what furniture and accessories to put in, to make the entry more functional and stylish?

The answer depends mostly on the size of the foyer. Some homes have a large entry that can accommodate much furniture, like a console, one or two armchairs and a side table. Some other homes, especially small apartments, do not even have a separate room to create a foyer. In this case, you can consider placing only a narrow console next to the entry door and a mirror atop. Another parameter is the needs of your family. They are families that tend to accumulate piles of items while others are more organized.

So before opting for specific furniture and accessories, measure your space and evaluate thoroughly your needs.

Think about how you could create a focal point that makes a statement about the character of your home: Every room or functional area needs a focal point. In an entry the focal point could be a piece of art, a pendant light, an impressive table lamp, a mirror, a framed photo, an antique vase etc. Remember, that the entry is the place that says "welcome" to your guest.

Provide a place to sit: If you have a large foyer, you should consider placing a comfy sitting place next to the door, like a rustic bench, a plush armchair, or an ottoman. Sitting furniture will encourage people to pull off their shoes before making their way into the house or drop a bag on their way in. Benches with storage are also an advantageous choice.

Create a well-lighted entry: The entry should be bright and inviting. If light is poor the entry will be depressing or even claustrophobic than welcoming. Generally, choose bulbs that are on the 70-100 watt range. For a sparkly look consider selecting a pendant light or a chandelier.


Find a proper room for shoes, coats, mail and keys. A coat closet, a wall hanger or a contemporary coat rack are great solutions for hats and coats. However, the foyer should not be considered as a storage area, for keeping shoes and coats. Consider it rather as a place where you can pull off your shoes and take them in a closet or wardrobe. If you don't have space for a table or a console, consider hanging a wall organizer and use it to store keys and mails.

poop large coat rack, coat rack, modern coat rack, orange coat rack, coat hanger, Design: merkled.com

Pick a stand for umbrellas. This is another common and funtional object for entries, especially if you live in a rainy city. It is better to select an umbrella stand that can catch water.

umbrella stand Source: Wayfair.com

Doormat and rug: Usually, guests do not pull their shows before making their way into the house. So, be sure to have a doormat outside the entry door and an entry rug inside for wiping feet.

The console. Almost every foyer, large or small, needs a table, or a console for placing keys and other dairy necessities. Of course, apart from a typical console you can pick a more distinctive piece of furniture, like a vintage secretary-style desk with drawers. Atop the console you can place trays for the keys, a table lamp, vases with flowers or family photos. However, try to keep everything clean and organized.

secretary desk Source: Ballard designs


The mirror: A mirror can be hanged on the wall or placed atop a console. Remember, that any mirror has a strong brightening effect so it is valuable for small and dimmed spaces.

Moroccan mirror by Vivaterra

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