How to decorate candles with paper napkins


hand decorated candles

This year personalize your candles in a quick and economic way with astonishing results!

You will need

White block candles

Decorative napkins


Baking paper

Hair dryer

decoratve candles materials


1. Use the scissors to cut the pattern, image of your preference out of the napkin. Make sure that it fits on the candle. Remove the extra napkin layers keeping only the thin one with the pattern

cutting the napkin pattern

2. Place your pattern on the candle and roll the baking paper all around the candle

wraping the candle in the baking paper

3. With the hair dryer on the highest setting warm the rolled up candle until the napkin cutout is integrated in the candle

(that is when the napkin’s colours seem darker)

the napkin pattern intergrated in the candle

napkins color becoming darker

4. Leave the candle to cool for a couple of minutes and carefully remove the baking paper

Your candle is ready to take its place among the rest of the decorations

deorative candles on a plate

Each napkin can be used to decorate four candles

Watch how decorative candles are made. They are just astonishing!


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