How to Decorate Your Master Bathroom


Your master bathroom should be your space for relaxation and tranquility. It should inspire you in the morning as you get ready for the day, and at night to help you unwind.

A bathroom should be a highly functional space, where every corner and height is utilized. But it should also be beautiful, using rich materials for a spa-like feel. Read on to learn how to give your private space style and functionality. 

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Make it Your Own

The bathroom tends to be overlooked when it comes to adding personality, but this doesn’t have to be so. A plain bathroom can feel cold and sterile, far from welcoming. If you look at the space as an extension of your living space and not just a purely functional room, you’ll see there’s plenty of room to add personal touches. If you love to listen to music while soaking in the bath, place a music system on a counter away from water. Hanging art on your bathroom walls will add depth and show attentiveness to detail. 

Luxurious Materials

Traditional materials like polished marble, warm copper, and soft cotton will make your bathroom feel timeless. Make a matelassé shower curtain the focal point of your design and pair it with elegant linens, towels, bath mats to make the everyday luxurious. This is also where you can play with layering different textures to engage the viewer while adding detail and depth. Remember to keep it simple and sophisticated though, so as not to cramp the space, making it feel smaller.

The Right Pieces 

There is no formula for a perfect bathroom as every space and everyone’s needs are different. What must be taken into account is size. If the room is too small for a master bath, you can probably still fit in a small or corner bathtub. On the other hand, if you do have plenty of space, adding furniture can make the room cozier. Choosing the right lamp can make a world of difference too. To steer away from boring, make the room look larger and brighter, choose a beautiful fixture to draw the eye, thus making the space appear roomier. 

Choosing the Colors

All over white or cream makes for a clean, modern look while reflecting and maximizing sunlight. Add accents of color for a more inviting space. You can have a color palette for these or choose from all colors of the rainbow. Bringing a touch of the outside in with greenhouse plantssuch as evergreens, ferns, ivy, orchids, air plants, or begonias which thrive in the warmth and humidity of bathrooms and will warm up the space, and sometimes give off lovely scents. 

Patterned Details

If you don’t go for textures, lively patterns will add character to your space. To avoid overwhelming a room, choose one accent wall for bold wallpaper or a tiled mosaic. Choosing a pattern which references your area or maybe follows a chosen theme is an easy way to truly make it your own. You could tile with stones which come from your area, for example, or in a historic pattern.

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Beautiful Accessories

Like any good outfit, finish styling your bathroom with well-chosen accessories to really add sophistication. Soft rugs underfoot protect your feet from the cold floor and add warmth. A frameless mirror opens up the room and reflects light as well as your reflection. A small table or stool by the bath is a great and versatile element of design while also adding a surface for your towels, fresh flowers,or a glass of wine. Aromatic candles are a dream in the bathroom, transforming your space. And who doesn’t love soaking in a bath by candlelight?  

Keep it Tidy

Keeping a clutter-free vanity is essential in inspiring tranquility so put in enough storage to hold all of your products. Open storage puts your collection of perfumes and powders on display, making them feel like purposeful décor. Storing products such as cotton buds and wads in clear apothecary jars adds charm, transforming your everyday items. Making sure that every item has its specific place will ensure the space stays tidy.

Decorating your master bathroom with the right details will make it a luxurious haven for your everyday. It’s all in the details… and it doesn’t have to cost much. 

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