Glossy vs Matte wall paint


Wall paints come in a variety of finish gloss levels. They generally come in five finishes: flat (or matte), eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. However, there is no industry standard for paint sheens, so one manufacturer’s satin finish can be another manufacturer’s semi-gloss or eggshell paint.

What type of paint is easier to clean and maintain?

Generally, the higher the gloss the easier the surface is to clean. High gloss paints are smoother and more washable. On the other hand flat paints are the hardest to clean due to the tiny pores that compose their surface. So, in case you want durability and low maintenance opt for high gloss wall paint.

Moreover, matte paints tend to grip dirt and stains more easily than glossier paints and that’s why interior designers recommended applying them in locations that do not attract stains, like ceilings and avoid them in high traffic areas with grease and dust, like kitchens.

Often, in poor quality flat and eggshell surfaces, the washed area becomes distinct from the surrounding wall and it is best to wash the entire wall to eliminate the difference.

What type of paint is better for dark spaces?

Glossy paints reflect more light than flat paints and they are ideal for dark and dimly lit spaces. Rememer that the degree of glossiness affect also the color.

What type of paint is better in case of rough and damaged walls?

One of the most advantageous features of the flat paint is that is camouflages cracks and small craters and generally it is considered an ideal choice for rough surfaces. Glossy paints on the other hand reflect light and so they highlight even tiny hollows and cracks of the wall. Moreover flat paints adhere well in most surfaces without much preparation. In contrast, glossy paints need a smooth and well sand base.

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