Open House Thessaloniki 2014: tours focused on architecture and decoration (part I)



Last weekend on the15th/16th November we had the opportunity to enjoy architecture tours of monuments and public and private spaces by volunteer architecture students and architects.


Pianissimo basket: characterized by curves that are reminiscent of a flower shape


plaque-gaultmillau-2015-by-alessi, piannisimo basket, inox bowl, centrepiece

The shape of PIANISSIMO basket, this table centre with geometrically rich and complex forms designed by Australian Abi Alice for ALESSI inspires the design of 2015 Gault & Millau plaque.


Contemporary carpets by Nodus


Some carpets just aren't made to be stepped on. For some innovative artists and designers, rugs are not only funtional objects with great tradition but canvases for graphic design, artwork, photographic prints, illustrations etc. Nodus is an italian brand, which combines the ancient tradition of weaving and textile art with the contemporary vision of leading designers and architects. The world’s best craftsmen’s traditions mixed with the most innovative ideas, the most daring and avant-guard shapes.

Nodus' carpets are entirely made by hand, by some of the best craftsmen in the world. Even the packaging is handmade. The spirit of the carpets is captured in dynamic and organic forms, assumes irregular profiles or takes inspiration from contemporary and everyday products such as fabrics, tablecloths, books and maps. These unique works of art on which to walk when entering the spaces of daily life and highly valued by families are displayed in the Il Piccolo showroom, in the center on Milan. Nodus' collections have been made all over the world, in Nepal, Portugal, Pakistan, India, Morocco, Turkmenistan, China and Turkey. 

  • Underworld patterned carpet, designed by Studio Jobs. The illustration on the carpet seams like a surrealistic comic, full of strange creatures like multiheaded-geeses, antenna-eyed frogs, lobsters with wasp wings and wind-up fishes. This wool carpet is hand-knoted in Nepal. 

studio jobs, comic carpet, comic rug, carpet illustrations, graphic design carpets, graphic design rug, children's carpet, kids rug, contemporary weaving,


Shuffle: A playful and modular side table


shuffle table, Mia Hamborg, &tradition, colourful table, colourful furniture, modular furniture, module design

Design: Mia Hamborg

Manufacturer:&Tradition &Tradition 

Materials of the multicolor table: Lacquered MDF, solid oak & beech

Materials of the black table: Lacquered MDF, Negro Marquina Marble and solide beech

Dimensions: Ø: 450 x H: 690 mm

Design Date: 2010

Mia Hamborg is a Norwegian designer, holding a BA in Furniture design with an emphasis on wood. In her projects, one can easily identify the common principles that underlie almost all of them: function, humor and joy. 


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