Franchi Umberto Marmi - Preview Marmomacc 2012


Franchi Umberto Marmi - Preview Marmomacc 2012Franchi Umberto Marmi is a dynamic company, leader in the marble industry. It is so by vocation, history, vision.








IKEA catalogue 2013


The 2013 Catalog is here with new ideas on how to furnish your life, your way.










What color should I paint my living room and kitchen?


What color should I paint my living room and kitchen?Reader’s question

"I have wenge kitchen with two yellow lacquer upper cabinets, white corian for my countertop and living room into one large open space. The sofa is upholstered in olive-green linen velvet and the living room furniture is in wenge. What paint colors should I choose for the walls?"





How to mix contemporary sofa and classic dining set in a single room?


Reader’s question

"I am thinking about buying a duo square extension dining table measuring 140x140 cm. I wonder if it is practical. Is a 4 legged table comfortable for eight people to be seated? I personally prefer French style dining table and chairs. On the other hand I have a contemporary sofa and a wingback chair in the living room. Should I dare to mix these two furnishings?"

Our recommendations

We select the dining table size and shape by taking into account of the room dimensions and our style preferences.

The square 140x140 cm dining table comfortably seats 8 people as long as the 4 legs have slim construction or better the table stands on one leg. You have attached a floor plan of your place. We suggest that the dining table should be placed with the long side parallel to the sofa in case you select rectangular table. We also suggest that the wingback chair should be placed opposite the fireplace.

Living room floor plan

Regarding the mix n’ match style you are thinking about, we believe that it is a process to create a place stylish and comfortable. You can combine retro and vintage elements with modern pieces and show your personal style.

mix n match, living room, decaration

I personally prefer French style dining table and chairs. On the other hand I have a contemporary sofa and a wingback chair in the living room. Should I dare to mix these two furnishings? A contemporary living room sofa surely matches a French style dining set. You can choose modern chairs to mix with the classic dining table for a more dynamic result. Be sure to use the same decorating scheme on all room elements, eg items, textiles, art pieces.



Would purple glass mosaic tiles go with black and white tiles in my bathroom?


Reader’s question

"I have difficulty choosing tiles for my master bedroom bathroom. It measures 7ft by 7ft and I wonder if purple or pink glass mosaic tiles match black and white tiles". 

Our recommendations

Black and white is a classic, elegant and timeless color combination for your bathroom. With the addition of purple or pink glass mosaic tiles your bathroom will promote harmony and calmness.

black white floor, black white, tile, checkerboard tile

These two colors can be incorporated into a checkerboard tile pattern on the floor. Two perpendicular walls can be striped with black and white tiles and the other walls can be covered with white tiles. Alternatively black tiles can go up to about 32’’ above the floor and the rest can be tiled white.

black, white, purple, decoration

Purple glass mosaic border tiles can be placed in either horizontal or vertical positions, eg mosaic tiles on both sides of the shower enclosure, or around the mirror.

Purple glass mosaic border tiles can be placed in either horizontal or vertical positions

Another stylish decorating idea would be to add mosaic tiles pattern on the corner of the shower enclosure.

tile, bathroom, black & white


interior design, book   


Bedroom: Feng Shui colors for harmony and balance


Readers's questions:

"I want to change the colors in my bedroom (walls, textiles, etc). I am also find interesting Feng Shui influence in our energy. So could you please make a small presentation on feng shui colors for the bedroom". 

Our answer: 

Feng shui colors promote health, good physical condition and a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. Even those people that suffer from insomnia could benefit from some colors in their bedroom, based on feng shui knowledge. 

Skin colors 

Feng shui theory puts forward several natural colors, found for example in forests, lakes, etc. Similarly, the tones found in human skin, like pale white, beige, light brown, etc, could be considered an excellent choice for your bedroom.

Some darker tones, like chocolate and mocha, can also be used, but only to emphasize some details and they should not be used on larger surfaces or as a background. For example, the curtains could be made of a darkfabric. Moreover the dark fabric controls more effectively natural light ensuring peaceful and deep sleep. Another example are the quilt and the pillows, that can also be dark and combined with white sheets. 



White and the shades of white, represent purity, innocence, tranquility, and kindness. White is probably the most powerful color in Feng Shui, especially when combined with gold or silver and it can be used dominantly in a room. 

Therefore, a totally white room is boring and cold. Thus, more soft colors, they should be added in the white scene like beige and gray. 

white bedroom

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