What colors to choose for the living room, to go with walnut kitchen cabinets?


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"What colors can I choose for the living room, which has access to the kitchen with walnut cabinets? The room has no furniture."



Our recommendations


The color of the cabinets creates a feeling of darkness in the space, so you must select bright neutral paint colors. The choice of color depends on the size of the space and the decorating style.
blue grey paint color

A pale blue grey shade is chosen in a classic decorating style, it highlights the dark furniture and allows wide variety of colors in fabrics and curtains.

Sage green

This color is suitable for the living room, and in combination with walnut cabinets gives earthy tones to the space. Choose natural materials for the rest of the space, eg canvas and gauze curtains.

Light grey

Grey color goes well with walnut cabinetry, provided the room is adequately illuminated. You can also choose neutral colors, gray, off white and beige for the rest elements of the space.

Vanilla cream shade


A most common, popular paint color on a wall. Nevertheless, combined with walnut shade and dark furniture, an interesting tone contrast may be created, which gives an interesting look and elegance to the space very suitable to contemporary style.

French vanilla shade

A light, warm, rich hue that adds unique style to the room, in either contemporary or classic style, which blends perfectly with the color of walnut cabinets and can be easily integrated with many color choices in the rest elements of the space.


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